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All You Need To Know About Our Pergolas

January 3, 2023

Pergolas are aesthetically pleasing, low-effort additions to any home. It has a high pay-off, without excessive maintenance and can be easily integrated into any design. Building a pergola on your property increases your usable living space value. It is suitable for verandahs and balconies or attached to your home in a way that creates more outdoor space. Get tailored pergola prices in Sydney to your specific needs with Wizard Home Improvements.

Due to a pergola add-on, your home can become more valuable, enjoyable and versatile. Read on to learn more about these structures.

Highlights Your Design Style

a table topped with lots of different types of fabric

A pergola is typically not much more than a straightforward wooden structure covered with vines and greenery providing summertime shade and direct wintertime sunshine. However, the modern pergola uses cutting-edge design to build your ideal leisure environment, whether it’s an open outdoor living room, outdoor dining, or a pergola that can later be transformed into a private sunroom or addition.

Colorbond Steel Made Pergolas 

The oven-baked coating of Colorbond steel, designed to withstand the severe Australian weather, won’t peel, chip, or crack, keeping your pergola looking brand-new for many years. It is possible to build any size and style of pergola you want because Colorbond is lightweight, strong, and great for covering huge areas. Due to its exceptional corrosion resistance, Colorbond is the material of choice for many coastal additions. Wizard Home Improvements offers a Colorbond pergola in Sydney in various colours, so you can choose one that matches the style of your house.

Aluminium Gazebos

Aluminium pergola frames are sturdy, dependable, and flexible, making them a popular addition to homes of various architectural styles. Aluminium is perfect for opening up small spaces and larger pergolas because it is made to endure salty coastal windows and improve ventilation with its sturdy, flat shape. Additionally, we may match the colour of your aluminium pergola to that of your current house, creating a seamless addition that increases your living area.

Protective Pergolas

brown wooden bridge over body of water during daytime

Are you looking for outdoor space you can use all year long, no matter the weather? That is an insulated pergola. An insulated roof or awning shields your new entertaining space from the intense summer sun or unpredictably bad weather.

As a result, you can manage the temperature in your new home, and living area, which will help you save money on heating and cooling costs all year. In addition, there is likely a pergola style that complements your home among the more than 84 colour choices we provide in our wide selection.

Contact us with your budget, and we can work towards affordable pergola prices in Sydney without compromising our quality or workmanship.