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Enjoy the calming effect of the outdoors within all the comfort of an enclosed space.

Whether you’re looking for added space in your home for dining, relaxing, entertaining guests, or as an added place for the kids to play, consider an awning as the perfect extension. From sleek, modern roofing styles, to peaked and flyover roofing with added height and space, our range of awning styles will grow your living space without losing the light and space of the outdoors. But that’s not all. Adding an awning to your home is a great way to increase the value of your property for years to come.

Will an awning work for your home?

If you’re considering an awning for your home and are a little stuck on where to get started, we’re here to help. Begin planning your outdoor living space with a free, extensive style consultation with our friendly and experienced design team. We’ll have one of our consultants come out to you to walk you through the different awning materials, roofing styles and design elements available, for an awning style matched perfectly to the look and feel of your home.

Do you have permission to build? Never fear - we’ll handle council approval throughout.

From small side-patio awnings to comprehensive outdoor rooms, we’re experienced enough to know your awning will require council approval prior to build. While the choice is yours – our Wizard consultants are more than happy to handle the process of council approval for you; 100% free of charge. For more information on council approval read our Free Build Guide.

In just under four days, you could be enjoying your new outdoor space!

From council approval, to deciding on a final style, materials and location to suit, it should take our build team as little as three-to-four days to build your new awning! Years in the industry and many awnings later, we have developed an end-to-end project management process and team, who will see to it that your awning is built in the highest possible quality, in the least amount of time.

Awning Materials

From the harsh Aussie sun, to its salty coastal shores, we have a range of materials built to last.

Our range of awning designs and materials have been purposely selected with the Australian climate in mind. Depending on your location and the location of your awning design, you can choose the material that’s right for your home. In Sydney, you can get aluminum awnings, roof awnings & carports awnings from Wizard Home Improvements.

Colorbond Steel Awning

Enjoy an awning that’s durable with Colorbond Steel. Designed to effortlessly overcome the harsh Aussie climate, a Colorbond Steel awning is marked by a lightweight, oven-baked finish, so it won’t peel, chip or crack over time. If yours is a home by the sea, Colorbond products are also corrosion resistant, meaning you’re protected against potential damages, wear and tear down the track. For larger awnings, Colorbond is a great choice, with greater spanning capabilities for spacious outdoor areas.

Aluminium Awnings

For versatile, built-to-last awning structures that are rust resistant, Aluminium provides an equally durable material of choice. Don’t be deceived by its lightweight, streamlined awning profile; aluminium provides a strong outdoor shelter perfect for coastal homes looking for protection against salt corrosion. With its sleek, modern appearance, aluminium affords great airflow that’s quick and easy to build.

Insulated Awnings

For a stylish awning structure that protects your outdoor space come hail or shine, you can’t go past an insulated awning. Insulated awnings provide a sturdy shelter and ample shade, while controlling the temperature of your outdoor room through insulated roofing. Marked by stylish metal framing, this type of awning is the perfect way to create a functional outdoor space without being overly exposed to the elements or the harsher summer months. Save money on your electricity bills all year round, with over 84 colour combinations to choose from!

Roofing Styles

Shade your outdoor area in just the right way with an awning roofing style to suit.

Whether it’s a modern, flat awning you prefer, to a pitched or fly over for extra space and height, choose the awning style that suits the needs of your home.

Flat or Falled Awning

If you’re after a clean, modern look for your home, extend your outdoor cover with a flat or falled awning. True to its name, the roof and ceiling of flat awning styles are sleek and streamlined for a stylish addition to any home. This no-fuss awning style is quick and easy to install; for an entertainment space at an affordable cost!

The Gable or Pitched Awning

For the added luxury of an outdoor space filled with a sense of light, space and air, you can’t go past a pitched awning style. Marked by a unique peak in its design, choose a gable or pitched awning for extra airflow to naturally cool your space, and your guests, over the hotter months.

The Fly Over Awning

One of our most accessible and adaptable awning styles, the fly over awning sits above the gutter line of your home for outdoor blinds areas with bonus height. Installed on just about any kind of roofing structure, our team can build fly over awnings in no time for spacious living, sooner.

Finishing Touches

Complete your outdoor living space with a little eye to detail!

Your awning is only the beginning, the exciting part of any home renovation is down in the details. Essential function and safety elements combine with a range of aesthetic choices, helping to give your home renovation project a unique and personal style. Consider flooring, lighting and outdoor blinds, for an awning that’s worth a double-take.


Expand on your awning to create an outdoor area for any occasion with Wizard Home Improvement’s range of flooring options. If you want to grow your living space from the back door outwards, why not consider a paved outdoor space or flat timber decking? To add more flair to your backyard, we’d suggest a raised timber deck that looks down to the ground below.

Awning Lighting

For the ultimate outdoor entertainment space that’s functional day or night, consider how your awning can best be lit. During the day, certain awning roofing styles function better than others to make the most of natural light in your space. Have one of our Wizard consultants assess where in your home an awning would work best to make use of natural light, and how you can incorporate electric lighting into your design.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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"Absolutely thrilled the with service from Kevin and Wizard. They worked with us to create exactly what would work in our home, kept us constantly in the loop and we are thrilled with the final product. Would recommend highly."

Shanna Kearns

"During the quote process they answered every question, was well within our price range and had the attention to detail that no one else did. They were on time, efficient, polite and did an amazing job. Will definitely use them again and have already recommended them to family and friends."

Jeannette Cullen

"Great experience with all involved from trades people to salesman Bill Khan very fair price compared with other companies. Started on time and completed within time frame quoted… highly recommend if your after quality material and workmanship."

George Allam

"All materials arrived the working day before installation. Installer arrived promptly and was able to professionally complete the project same day."

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"Wizard home improvements done my insulated pergola, they done very good job and also quick service. Specially I give Thanks to Bill who is communicated very well."

Shanta Roy

"Quote was competitive-started work when he said he would also gave good suggestions looks great ,would recommend them."

Kevin Marvill