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Pergola Materials

Insulated Purple Panel

Create a pergola that reflects your home and style.

Traditionally, a pergola is not much more than a simple wooden structure covered with vines and foliage for shade in the summer and tatacalzature blundstoneprezzi relaxdaysonline tatacalzature akuscarpe legioiedigea geoxoutlet fracominaabiti ynotoutlet uspoloassnscarpe gigasportoutfitdamen and-camicie relaxdaysstore 24hbottle daysrelax direct sunlight in the winter. The modern pergola however, employs innovative design to create your ideal entertaining space - whether that’s a breezy outdoor lounge room, alfresco dining, or a pergola that can convert into a protected sunroom or extension in the future. Find out what material best suits your home.

Colorbond Steel Pergolas

Crafted to endure the harsh Australian weather conditions, Colorbond steel’s oven-baked finish won’t peel, chip or crack, making your pergola as good as new for many years to come. Colorbond is lightweight, durable and ideal for spanning large areas, so no matter what size and style of pergola you desire, it can be achieved. Colorbond is also the material of choice for many coastal extensions, as it’s highly corrosion resistant. Colorbond pergola is available at Wizard Home Improvements in Sydney in a wide range of colours, you’re sure to find the perfect shade to fit in with your home design.

Aluminium Pergolas

An aluminium pergola frame is both flexible and versatile but strong and reliable - a popular addition to all different styles of homes. Designed to withstand the salty coastal windows, and enhancing airflow with its durable, flat profile, aluminium is ideal for both small areas that need opening up, as well as larger pergolas. We can colour match your aluminium pergola to your existing home, making for a seamless extension that multiplies your living space. Get your aluminum pergola at Wizard Home Improvements in Sydney.

Insulated Pergolas

Do you want a pergola that you can use all year round, not just in the warmer months? An insulated pergola is just that. Protect your new entertaining area from the harsh summer sun, or unpredictable weather with an insulated roof or awning. Control the temperature of your new living space, and even help regulate the temperature in your entire home, helping you save on cooling and heating bills year round. Our extensive range of over 84 colour combinations means there is sure to be a pergola design that suits your home.

Roofing Styles

Combined Purple Wizard Graphics

Make the most of the sunshine with the right pergola roofing materials

Seamlessly extended from your home, or add a freestanding unique architectural feature to your home, by choosing the perfect pergola for your lifestyle and budget.

Flat Pergola Roofing

Simple and flexible, a flat pergola roof suits all styles of homes, both old and new. Quick and easy to install, it is also one of the fastest pergola options we offer; meaning you could be entertaining outside in no time at all.

Gabled Pergola Roof Designs

Whether it’s aesthetics or airflow you’re concerned about, a gabled roof pergola won’t fail to impress. The distinguished peaked roof looks great and suits traditional and modern Australian homes alike, while the extra height creates more space for air to circulate and light to shine through, regulating the temperature of your new outdoor space.

Fly Over Pergola Roofing

Perched above the gutter line of your home, a fly over pergola is designed to enhance the feeling of light, space and air. Ideal for smaller and even oddly-shaped outdoor entertaining areas, a fly over pergola roof attaches to your home without the need for a large, obtrusive roof.

Finishing Touches

Durable Flooring

Bring your new pergola to life with finishing touches that complete the look.

From handrails to blinds, there's a whole range of aesthetic and functional elements you can choose to add to your new pergola area. Consider how you want the space to function and who'll be using it, so as to ensure you have the essential elements for creating a safe and stylish space.

Pergola Flooring

Your pergola can be built over any kind of flooring. Whether you prefer a more natural paved outdoor area, a patio or a raised merbau timber deck, Wizard Home Improvements has a range of options to choose from. Take a look at our decking and outdoor rooms for more inspiration and information.

Handrails and balustrades

A simple pergola design can be brought to life with even the smallest finishing touches. Adding a handrail or balustrade for safety, or to break up the space can give your outdoor area a more finished, livable look and feel. Ask your Wizard Home Improvements design and build consultant for recommendations and safety requirements.

Outdoor Blinds

The latest offering in the Wizard Home Improvements bag of tricks, is our range of energy-efficient outdoor blinds. Create private and sheltered areas, without obscuring your vantage point, with this selection of straight drop, cable guide and deep channel blinds. Discover how these outdoor blinds can help reduce your energy costs and turn your outdoor pergola into a private sanctuary you can call your own here.