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Patio Sydney

Find Cost-Effective And Professional Build Options For Your Outdoor Patio Room In Sydney From Wizard Home Improvements.

If you are secretly envious of all the homes in your neighbourhood that have stylish patios, it’s time to build one of your own! Not sure if you are ready for such a big task? We are here to help! Wizard Home Improvements can help you build your dream outdoor patio room in Sydney from start to finish, giving you everything you need from one place. Subsequently, if you are looking for an opportunity to extend your existing patio without heavy renovation costs, we have it all. We are where style, functionality and budget meet to peacefully co-exist in the creation of your ideal lifestyle.

First, let’s jump into some details about our products so you can see why we are the best in the trade!

Outdoor patios of any size. Built fast, with minimal costs.

We understand that having a patio customised for your space is important. We also know that having your outdoor patio delivered on time and on budget is important too. That’s why our patio builders use the latest in quick-build materials, so you get the patio you want in less time than a traditional build. In order to keep your project moving you’re assigned your own build manager; they handle everything from council approval, to site inspections, product ordering and clean-up. So you can have your new outdoor entertainment area - fast. No matter how busy your schedule is.

Don’t worry about council approval. Let us handle it for you.

A patio is a large structure that’s going to need council permission. Having to do this yourself can significantly slow down your patio build. That’s why, at Wizard Home Improvements, we handle the approval application for you. Our experienced site inspectors have established connections with Sydney's local councils, ensuring we're able to avoid delays and finalise your paperwork sooner. Keeping your project on track for a timely delivery. For more information on council approval read our Free Build Guide.

Purpose - How Will You Use It?

Defining the purpose of a build is fundamentally the most important aspect of the project. It will affect all other criteria, so it needs to be determined right off the bat. So, what can patio rooms be used for? Commonly, patio rooms are used to extend the liveable space of your home, being used as an extra living room, an outdoor entertainment area, a home gym, or as a middle ground between indoor and outdoor living.

With our range of products to choose from, we can effectively design a patio room that will tick all of your boxes and ultimately give you an extension of your home packed full of value.

Budget - Please Don’t Break The Bank

The next big determining factor in your pending build is your budget. Here at Wizard Home Improvements, we offer competitive rates on both our products and labour, so our clients can access quality without meeting unrealistic price demands.

Accounting for everything going into the construction of your outdoor patio room in Sydney is easy with the help of our design consultants. We will help you choose the most cost-effective materials without compromising on the final results, so you can still enjoy the sheer awe on your neighbour’s faces without feeling residual heat in your pocket from over-budget spending.

Patio Roof Designs and Materials

Combined Red Graphics Wizard

Next up - design. This is probably the most exciting part of a patio build, so let’s get to it!

Roof design - we have three very compelling roof design options available to our clients, each with its own characteristics for appeal and functionality.

  • Flat patio roofing - just as the name suggests, this type of roof is flat and comes with a generous dose of streamlined perfection. The flat surface is excellent for reflecting heat, so your living area remains cool and comfortable. Also, since there is less material involved in the construction process, it is a faster and more efficient option for those overly-eager and perhaps impatient people. Onboard with fast construction but not loving the empty space on top of the roof? Why not consider a rooftop garden to add that extra touch of innovation and beauty to your home?
  • Gable roofing - With gable patio roofs' pitched characteristics; you add a dimension of height to your home that certainly enhances aesthetic appeal. A ten out of ten if you ask us! In addition, it provides an airy and light-filled living space with superior water run-off to prevent mildew buildup. The added bonus of creating an outdoor patio room with us is that all gutters, downpipes and under-flushers are included, so your build is fully functional at the end of construction.
  • Flyover patio roofs - these designs are installed above your home’s gutter lines, creating a more air-filled space with exceptional ventilation. Perfect for poolside entertainment areas, flyover patio roofs are a combination of sophistication and innovation and will transform your home into an oasis of luxury living.

Once you have decided on the roof design, you need to choose the type of build material. Our design consultants will explain how each material is used in accordance with the purpose and location of the build so that you can get the most out of your patio renovations without unnecessary costs. Choose from our range of insulated, colorbond steel or aluminium roofing.

Patio Materials

Insulated Panel

Choosing the right patio frame and roofing material is easy when you have the help of our design consultants.

The right materials depends on how you plan to use your patio, where your home is located, what your budget is and whether you want your patio to be easily converted into an extension or sunroom in the future. Our range of patio designs can be built using a combination of insulated roofing, Colorbond steel roofing or aluminium. Your design consultant will let you know which is best for your home.

Have a growing family? An insulated patio can easily convert into a sunroom or extension. Find out more.

Our insulated patios add space and style to homes across Sydney. Loved for both its good looks and functionality, an insulated patio reinvents your backyard, front yard or balcony into an all-weather entertainment and dining area. Providing shelter and shade, while also controlling the temperature of your outdoor area, insulated patios ensure you’re able to relax and dine outside all year round. We use modern materials from trusted suppliers, designed to withstand even the harshest Australian weather conditions. So your new patio area will look great for years to come. They’re also rust and pest resilient. So you won’t have to fork out money on maintenance costs down the line. Find out more about sunrooms and outdoor living areas.

A trusted name, that’s been adding to Australian homes for years. Take a look at why Colorbond steel is still so popular.

Designed to withstand Australia’s rugged weather, Colorbond creates patio-building materials applauded by homeowners and tradespeople across the country. Its signature oven-baked finish won’t peel, chip or crack. So your patio will always look its best. It’s also ultra tough and corrosion resistant. So you won’t have to worry about unnecessary maintenance over time. Our Colorbond steel roofing is lightweight, with superior spanning capabilities, ensuring your patio can be conveniently built in the size and style you want. And if you already have Colorbond steel or roofing at your home, you’re certain to find the perfect match. Find out if a Colorbond patio is best for your property by exploring our site or speaking to a consultant today.

Building a patio near the coast? Aluminium is the corrosion-resistant material you need.

Strong and salty winds can give many building materials a beating. The result? They end up looking aged and weathered well before their time. But aluminium is naturally resilient to rust and corrosion, so it’ll look great for years to come - even at your beachside holiday retreat! Our aluminium patios are available in a flat profile, providing shelter from heat and rain while providing excellent airflow. The simple linear structure is easy for our tradespeople to install. Ensuring they’re both a cost and time effective outdoor shading solution. With a wide range of colours available for you to choose from, your aluminium patio can be customised to coordinate with your home's existing palette scheme. Interested in finding out more? Speak to a knowledgeable build consultant today.

Patio Flooring

Durable Flooring

The flooring of your patio is just as important as the rest of the design and makes up a large portion of the aesthetic appeal. Whether it’s treated pine or Merbau timber, we can help you build a strong, resilient and beautiful deck that enhances the overall look and feel of the space.

You will, of course, want a material that is low-cost, durable and stunning to look at but also pest resistant, so keep this in mind when discussing flooring options with your consultant. Rest assured, we will have everything you need, and more so your feet can enjoy your new space just as much as the rest of you.

Location - How Beautiful Is The View

Your property may have several areas for a patio or have very limited space, but we will help you discover the best location for the build with our years of experience and expertise. First, you want to establish the amount of natural light you want filling the space. Second, do you want to look at your beautiful garden and crystal clear swimming pool while relaxing in your new outdoor patio room or is the view not of much significance to you? Whatever your preferences are, we will be sure to meet them to the best of our ability to give you the experience you are after. Of course, the design and size of the build will significantly determine its location, but we are dedicated to executing your desires as best we can.

Extend With Possibilities

A build that can be changed into a different but still entirely functional structure is one worth investing in. With the renovation possibilities of an outdoor patio, you can easily transform it along with your changing lifestyle needs. If the kids are out of the house and you want a quiet, warm and beautiful space to enjoy a good book, we can help you transform your patio into a sunroom in no time. Also, with our expertise, you can successfully turn your patio into an extra bedroom or extension to your home with insulated wall panels. Not only are they energy-efficient, but they also create a more cohesive feel with the rest of your home.

Your plan for your patio today may not be the same in ten years, but we can help you switch it up as your lifestyle needs change. All in all, an outdoor patio room in Sydney is an optimisable and customisable investment that will add value to your property and increase the liveability of your home.

Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches Sydney

You can never go wrong with accessories! Here at Wizard Home Improvements, we prioritise the finishing touches just as much as we do the initial build. Our professional design consultants will walk you through how you can optimise the space with two easy additions.

First, let’s talk about lighting. How important is great lighting in a living area? It creates a beautiful ambience, makes nighttime entertaining more enjoyable and functional and adds safety value by highlighting handrails, stairs and ledges, to avoid any trips or falls. We have a wide range of lighting solutions for you to choose from so you can eloquently pursue your desired interior design. What’s more, our design consultants will incorporate your lighting choices into the design so you are not stuck with problematic electrical issues down the line.

Second, do you need some privacy? If the answer is yes, we have just the solution! Our range of outdoor blinds can transform your patio in a matter of seconds, from open and transparent to complete privacy. In addition, outdoor blinds help you manage the exposure you experience from the elements, allowing you to enjoy the sunshine and retreat from cold and rainy weather in one simple motion. Discuss your options with a design consultant; you won’t regret it!

Final Words

Now that you know everything you need to know about us and what makes us an obvious choice for your build, what are you waiting for? Whether you live on the coast or inland, have a never-ending property or live in close proximity to neighbouring homes, we can help you construct the perfect outdoor patio room in Sydney or whip up a patio renovations at a fraction of the cost of our competitors in Australia.

Simply visit our website and get an online quote. We look forward to helping you make your lifestyle dreams come true.