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Patio Sydney - The Basics

Outdoor patios of any size. Built fast, with minimal costs.

We understand that having a patio customised for your space is important. We also know that having your outdoor patio delivered on time and on budget is important too. That’s why our patio builders use the latest in quick-build materials, so you get the patio you want in less time than a traditional build. In order to keep your project moving you’re assigned your own build manager; they handle everything from council approval, to site inspections, product ordering and clean-up. So you can have your new outdoor entertainment area - fast. No matter how busy your schedule is.

Don’t worry about council approval. Let us handle it for you.

A patio is a large structure that’s going to need council permission. Having to do this yourself can significantly slow down your patio build. That’s why, at Wizard Home Improvements, we handle the approval application for you. Our experienced site inspectors have established connections with Sydney's local councils, ensuring we're able to avoid delays and finalise your paperwork sooner. Keeping your project on track for a timely delivery. For more information on council approval read our Free Build Guide.

Use your outdoor space even more. Get an enclosed patio room.

Filled with light, warmth and possibility - an enclosed patio ensures you can spend even more time in your outdoor entertainment area. It’s also a great option for homeowners who want an outdoor patio built at an elevated level. Choose to enclose your space using mesh screens, heat-absorbing windows or tinted plastics. Want to make your patio feel more like an extension? Insulated wall panels can do just that - while helping to lower your energy costs at the same time! Talk to your design consultant about what kind of enclosed patio would work well in your space.

Patios to suit every budget. And full financing available to help you get the home you want sooner.

Patio prices vary slightly based on the materials used, the style you choose and the overall size of your outdoor entertainment area. But by offering a range of traditional and modern materials, Wizard Home Improvements able to build patios to suit every budget. From insulated roofing and hardwood timber, to Colorbond steel and composite decking - you and your build consultant work together to choose the right materials for your lifestyle and environment. We understand that building an outdoor entertainment area is a once in a lifetime event, so you’ll want it to be perfect. That’s why we offer full financing. Making it now easier than ever to start your new home renovation!

Patio Roof Designs.

Combined Red Graphics Wizard

With three patio roof designs for you to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find the right style to suit your home.

Whether flipping through magazines, searching online or peering over your fence, building a patio extension often begins with a perusal of available patio roof designs. And it’s pretty obvious why. The roof adds so much, not only to the look of your home from the outside, but to the feeling of your new outdoor entertainment space from the inside. Our three patio-roof designs range from the traditional to the sleek and modern, but they all share one important thing — easy, fast installation. Designed to fit most existing roofing profiles, these stylish designs can be conveniently added to any home. So you can start enjoying your new patio or pergola area sooner.

Clean, simple and beautiful, introducing flat/falled patio roofing.

With it's tailored and contemporary profile, the flat/falled patio roof is exactly as its name suggests — a picture of streamlined perfection. All our patio roofing is made for quick and easy assembly, but the simple design of the flat patio simplifies that process even further. The quick assembly of the flat/falled patio extension means, weather permitting, you'll be enjoying your new alfresco area in as little as a weekend. With less construction waste and less time on site, all Wizard Home Improvement's renovation projects are economical with both your time and budget.

Add a little traditional flare with the gable or pitched patio roof design.

Clearly identified by its distinguished peak, the gable or pitched roof patio adds style and space to any home. But it’s not just about looks. The extra height creates a light-filled and airy space for entertaining and relaxing. The natural heat diffusion and superior water run-off of a gable or pitched awning makes it perfect for Australian climates. Your outdoor space will remain cool and comfortable, and your outdoor furnishings free from the build up of condensation and mildew. The gable or pitched roof patio comes in a collection of frame and roofing materials to suit every home’s need. Gutters, downpipes and under-flashings are all included, so installation is quick and easy.

Love high ceilings? You’ll love a flyover patio roof.

The flyover patio roof is ideal for those who love a sense of space. Sitting above your home’s gutter line they ensure any outdoor entertainment area feels spacious and airy. Taking full advantage of the space available, the flyover patio creates an enjoyable area for dining and recreation. Smaller spaces can be made to feel larger, while all areas will benefit from the flyover’s exceptional airflow. Easily added to almost any kind of roof, the flyover patio is incredibly simple for our builders to install. And with a range of roofing and framing materials for you to choose from, your patio can be perfectly customised to coordinate with your home.

Patio Materials

Insulated Panel

Choosing the right patio frame and roofing material is easy when you have the help of our design consultants.

The right materials depends on how you plan to use your patio, where your home is located, what your budget is and whether you want your patio to be easily converted into an extension or sunroom in the future. Our range of patio designs can be built using a combination of insulated roofing, Colorbond steel roofing or aluminium. Your design consultant will let you know which is best for your home.

Have a growing family? An insulated patio can easily convert into a sunroom or extension. Find out more.

Our insulated patios add space and style to homes across Sydney. Loved for both its good looks and functionality, an insulated patio reinvents your backyard, front yard or balcony into an all-weather entertainment and dining area. Providing shelter and shade, while also controlling the temperature of your outdoor area, insulated patios ensure you’re able to relax and dine outside all year round. We use modern materials from trusted suppliers, designed to withstand even the harshest Australian weather conditions. So your new patio area will look great for years to come. They’re also rust and pest resilient. So you won’t have to fork out money on maintenance costs down the line. Find out more about sunrooms and outdoor living areas.

A trusted name, that’s been adding to Australian homes for years. Take a look at why Colorbond steel is still so popular.

Designed to withstand Australia’s rugged weather, Colorbond creates patio-building materials applauded by homeowners and tradespeople across the country. Its signature oven-baked finish won’t peel, chip or crack. So your patio will always look its best. It’s also ultra tough and corrosion resistant. So you won’t have to worry about unnecessary maintenance over time. Our Colorbond steel roofing is lightweight, with superior spanning capabilities, ensuring your patio can be conveniently built in the size and style you want. And if you already have Colorbond steel or roofing at your home, you’re certain to find the perfect match. Find out if a Colorbond patio is best for your property by exploring our site or speaking to a consultant today.

Building a patio near the coast? Aluminium is the corrosion-resistant material you need.

Strong and salty winds can give many building materials a beating. The result? They end up looking aged and weathered well before their time. But aluminium is naturally resilient to rust and corrosion, so it’ll look great for years to come - even at your beachside holiday retreat! Our aluminium patios are available in a flat profile, providing shelter from heat and rain while providing excellent airflow. The simple linear structure is easy for our tradespeople to install. Ensuring they’re both a cost and time effective outdoor shading solution. With a wide range of colours available for you to choose from, your aluminium patio can be customised to coordinate with your home's existing palette scheme. Interested in finding out more? Speak to a knowledgeable build consultant today.

Patio Flooring

Durable Flooring

Start your patio build with the right foundations. Explore our range of patio decking options.

Australian hardwood or treated pine — choosing the right patio and deck combination comes down to your individual style and budget. Your Wizard Home Improvements build consultant will help you make the right decision, but you can take the time to learn a little more first. See our range of decks here.

Merbau Timber Decking: Known for its good looks. Loved for its durability.

Strong, long-lasting and beautiful, there’s a very good reason why merbau timber decking is so popular. The high tannins of this tropical hardwood give it a golden-rust colour well suited to Sydney’s lush green gardens. Functionally, its natural resistance to splitting, warping, peeling and cracking ensures it can weather even extreme conditions.

Treated Pine Timber: The perfect blend of style, function and price

Looking for a patio flooring material that’s durable and economical? Treated-pine decking is a cost-effective solution that doesn’t settle on quality. Chemically treated to be pest, yeast, mould and weather resistant, treated pine decking is crafted to last a lifetime. It’s also a great option if you’re building an enclosed patio. You also get more flexibility when it comes to the stain or finish you use. Ensuring your patio is as part of your home as any other room in the house.

Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches Sydney

Perfect Patio Lighting

Atmosphere and functionality need to go hand in hand. The best way to do this, is to ensure lighting is fully integrated into your patio design. Your Wizard Home Improvements build consultant can help you choose the right kind of lighting for your outdoor room. And help you blueprint your lighting scheme alongside your patio build. Good lighting is also crucial to ensuring your space is safe for night use. Ceiling lighting should always be accompanied by lighting that illuminates stairs, ledges and handrails sufficiently.

Energy Efficient and Style Maximising Outdoor Blinds

Functional and stylish, outdoor blinds are skyrocketing in popularity. And there’s more than a few good reasons why. First is privacy — your patio should feel open without feeling overly exposed. Blinds let you achieve that perfect balance; giving you the option to retreat from your neighbour’s view or to block out windows or glass doors leading to your outdoor area. Next is the impact outdoor blinds have on the liveability of your patio. Blocking the sun, keeping your areas cool, minimising bugs & insects and stopping drafts — outdoor blinds instantly add more than just good looks to your new alfresco space.