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Roofing Styles

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Picking the right roof for your sunroom makes your extension look great inside and out.

There are many roofinakuschuhe legioiedigea negozitata daysrelax 24bottlesclima 24bottlesclima gabsoutlet ovyeshop ynotoutlet donkeywinkekatze legioiedigea relaxdaysonline ovyeshop marellaoutlet andcamiciesaldi g options available, but none are worth it if they don't work for your sunroom. Whether you opt for a flat, flyover, or even a gabled roofing style, you need to think about how it will suit your home, the roof's functionality and the overall look and feel of the space.

Need help with choosing the right roof style? Click here to get value for your money and space.

Opt for the modern good looks of our flat sunroom roofing designs.

Simple, modern and adaptable – flat sunroom roofing is a popular choice. This style is incredibly easy and fast for our builders to install – on almost any roof type. While the clean lines sit beautifully in any landscape.

Gabled sunroom roof designs, for exceptional air flow and classic good looks.

Gabled Sundroom Roof Designs
Clearly identifiable by its distinguished peak, the gable or pitched roof patio adds style and space to any home. But it’s not just about looks. The extra height creates a light-filled and airy space for entertaining and relaxing.

Sitting just above your gutter line, the flyover conservatory roof delivers great heights and simple installation process.

Flyover Conservatory Roof
The flyover patio is ideal for those who love a sense of space. Sitting above your home’s gutter/eave line they’ll add extra height to your sunroom or extension and are quick for our builders to install.

Sunroom Materials

Sunroom Materials

The floor: Treated pine or comfy carpet? It's your choice.

Wizard Home Improvements offers all our affordable sunroom and extension customers a select range of under-flooring to help finalise their renovation project. Talk to your Wizard Home Improvements build consultant about the finished look you want, whether it's carpet, tiles or floorboards, we're able to provide you with the best under-flooring for your project.

The walls: Energy-saving insulated panels, for lower heating and cooling costs all year round.

Our sunrooms are built using insulated wall panels supported by an internal framing system. So they’re designed to make your home extension comfortable, energy efficient and structurally sound. Because they’re easy to both transport and assemble, we’re able to have less tradesmen build your sunroom in less time. So you pay less. They’re also customisable. Just pick the right external and internal finishes to get the look you want.

The windows and doors: Glazed glass designed to meet and exceed the Aussie energy and structural standards.

Worried too many windows and glass doors will be a big drain on your energy bill? We only use the latest in glazing and framing materials, ensuring all our sunroom windows and glazed doors meet Australian energy efficiency and structural standards. What does that mean for you? Less heating costs in winter and less cooling costs in summer.

The roof and ceiling: Insulated awnings with a clean interlocking ceiling face, so your sunroom is as flawlessly attractive and comfortable.

All our sunrooms are built with premium insulated awnings. Reducing heat in the summer and eliminating ceiling mould and condensation in the winter, insulated roofing is the only choice when it comes to building any enclosed home extension. The clear interlocking ceiling face means there are no visible fixings – so your new sunroom is clean and streamlined from the beginning – but they’re still super easy and fast for our builders to install.

Home Extensions

Roofing Style

Need a bigger house? Don’t hit the property market just yet. Consider a cost-effective home extension.

When planning on building a bigger home, it's important to go in with open eyes. The property market is not always the easiest to navigate without any help. We suggest that you look at having a look at the cost-effectiveness of a home improvement first!

It's understandable that as you grow your family, you want a bigger home that will accommodate your needs and that of your family. But consider the costs of moving and all the stress that comes with it when a quick, simple, yet quality extension that won't compromise on your needs is a far less frustrating and cheaper solution.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. We’ll take care of the council approval, site inspection and paperwork.

Designing your new home extension is just like designing your sunroom – once you know what you want your tradesman will go away and knock up some blueprints. Council approval, site inspection and all the paperwork is 100% handled by your very own project manager. So all you have to do is open the back the gate to let our builders in. For our full information pack on council approval, download our Free Build Guide.

Our processes are not only fast and affordable but swift and attention to detail-oriented. Our team of professional builders work to meet deadlines so that you can get back to normal in no time. This way, we're ensuring that you save as much money as possible - no tradies working on a bigger home project that takes weeks or months to complete while you're living in a hotel. Let us know what options work best for you that'll also accommodate your entire family, and we'll get on it ASAP!

Faster and more affordable. No need to wait to get the bigger home you need now.

Swift and simple, it doesn’t take long for our builders to finish up your new extension. That’s how you’ll save money and the hassle of having tradies coming in-and-out of your home for weeks or months. We do both first and second floor extensions. And you can choose to fit yours out with an en suite. So your new addition can truly accommodate the growing needs of your family.

Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches

Here comes the fun part – the decorating and styling of your new sunroom.

Need a little inspiration when it comes to decorating your new sunroom? Take a look through our collection of articles and must-read tips.
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