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Outdoor Blinds Sydney - THE BASICS

Enjoy the best of the outdoors with the comfort of indoors.

The views, the airflow, the connection to the great outdoors. Enjoy all of this in the comfort and protection of your living space without exposure to the elements. No harsh UV rays, wind gusts or glare from the sun. Outdoor blinds are the ideal solution for bringing only the best of the outdoors in. We offer a wide range of ready-made outdoor blinds in Sydney, including outdoor rollers, outdoor shade blinds, and outdoor window blinds.

Use your living space year round.

Our best outdoor blinds in sydney are designed to protect against severe sunlight, UV rays, and high winds, making your living space more versatile. The strength of each design varies, and the most resilient designs can withstand wind gusts up to 108 km/hour. Regardless of the position of your living space, outdoor blinds are an effective all-weather solution, be it hot or cold, coastal or windy.

Get your blinds installed.

Increase the versatility of your living space by starting with a free style consultation. Pick from our range of outdoor blind designs to find the style and strength to suit your location and budget.

Add value to your home without needing to renovate!

By increasing the versatility of your existing living spaces – whether they fall outdoors or in – outdoor blinds add value to your home; eliminating the need to change your floorspace. Outdoor blinds can enclose a patio or balcony from the harsh elements, making the space usable year-round. Protecting an indoor living space from the elements, while allowing gentle airflow, they can improve comfort in the space you already have. See our other outdoor living area, decking and pergola products.

Outdoor Blind Styles

Choosing the right blind design adds function and character to your home.

Side retention system, cable guide, straight drop, or deep channel, the style of blind you choose will enhance the look and function of your living space.

Side Retention System

Exceptionally strong and versatile, the side retention blind system can withstand winds of up to 108 km/hour. Designed to extend down flush against the window pane or door cavity, this blind also protects against harsh UV rays and insects. It’s strength and contemporary design make it ideal for enclosing balconies, creating privacy and controlling light and heat all year round.

Cable Guide Awning

A contemporary straight drop design, the cable guide awning provides protection against the elements in a sleek design that hides all mechanical elements. Ideal in coastal environments, the cables used in this design are marine-grade stainless steel, totally resistant against rust and corrosion. A cable tension system combined with bottom rail-locking systems ensures this blind moves smoothly and can be secured with minimal movement or gaps at the bottom and sides.

Straight Drop

Simple and functional – a straight drop blind uses no guide systems and sits flush against the window or door area. Hold down straps and locking bolts can be added to secure the awning at various points, retaining strength with maximum flexibility across large widths. While its flat design makes a straight drop blind ideal for protection against harsh UV rays and high winds, it still allows for good gentle air flow.

Deep Channel Blinds

Ideal for areas exposed to harsh elements such as wind and strong light, a deep-channel system is secured with channels running the full length of the blind on either side. This eliminates light gaps and blind movement in windy conditions. For a high quality finish, the channel systems are hidden behind protective covers. This design is also suitable for blinds of varying shapes and sizes.

Outdoor Blind Materials

Everview External Screen

This durable, stretch resistant screen fabric provides excellent protection with a stylish symmetrical finish. Its versatile weave design is strong and flexible with 10% openness, ensuring your views aren’t obstructed from the inside, but privacy is guaranteed from the outside. The external screen cuts through glare, creating a light, protected space inside. Available in 22 unique colours, and up to 3.20 metres wide, we can fit large door and window spaces without unsightly seams or gaps.

The Walls

Our sunrooms are built using insulated wall panels supported by an internal framing system. So they’re designed to make your home extension comfortable, energy efficient and structurally sound. Because they’re easy to both transport and assemble, we’re able to have less tradesmen build your sunroom in less time. So you pay less. They’re also customisable. Just pick the right external and internal finishes to get the look you want.

  • Stylish fabric design
  • Available in 22 unique colours
  • Reduced glare from the sun
  • No compromise on visibility to outside
  • Durable and flexible weave
  • Spans wide window and door spaces

Awning Canvas

Designed specifically to withstand the Australian climate, our canvas awning fabric is treated with DURAGUARD fabric protector. This makes it highly water repellent, colour fade resistant and durable against stretching and tearing. An Australian made product, the classic colour range reflects the Australian landscape, ideal for a range of Australian home designs and locations.

  • Five year warranty
  • Easy to look after
  • Available in a range of colours and patterns
  • Australian made

Energy Saving Tech

Proven to reduce energy costs by up to 60!*

The Alpha Awning system has been independently tested and proven to significantly reduce energy costs by ensuring standard* Aussie homes are kept at a comfortable temperature during the summer months.

Reflects the heat. Keeps temperatures consistent.

We all miss the summer when it’s gone. What we don’t miss is the exorbitant cooling costs that come with trying to keep our homes comfortable during Australia’s blistering heat. Wizard Home Improvement’s range of outdoor blinds are designed and proven to keep your home at a cool and consistent temperature throughout the summer months.

How do outdoor blinds work to lower energy costs?

  • 25% of your home’s heating & cooling is lost through your windows
  • Outdoor blinds reflect the sun’s heat, helping to keep interiors cool during summer
  • Outdoor blind help your home’s temperature remain consistent, helping to lower both heating & cooling costs

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I would like to commend Wizard for the business like way in which they negotiated through this construction to get the job done. Their abilities were without parallel and the construction engineer was very professional.”


"Absolutely thrilled the with service from Kevin and Wizard. They worked with us to create exactly what would work in our home, kept us constantly in the loop and we are thrilled with the final product. Would recommend highly."

Shanna Kearns

"During the quote process they answered every question, was well within our price range and had the attention to detail that no one else did. They were on time, efficient, polite and did an amazing job. Will definitely use them again and have already recommended them to family and friends."

Jeannette Cullen

"Great experience with all involved from trades people to salesman Bill Khan very fair price compared with other companies. Started on time and completed within time frame quoted… highly recommend if your after quality material and workmanship."

George Allam

"All materials arrived the working day before installation. Installer arrived promptly and was able to professionally complete the project same day."

David Smith

"Wizard home improvements done my insulated pergola, they done very good job and also quick service. Specially I give Thanks to Bill who is communicated very well."

Shanta Roy

"Quote was competitive-started work when he said he would also gave good suggestions looks great ,would recommend them."

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