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Alternative Ways To Use An Outdoor Pergola

July 16, 2021

The wonderful thing about an outdoor pergola is that it provides an extended space beyond the walls of your home. Most pergolas are used as entertainment, dining or barbeque areas. Here are a few other ideas to enhance your property and provide a useful space depending on your lifestyle and interests.

Kids Play Zone

girl with paint of body

Turn your pergola into a kid-friendly zone. It provides shade for sunny days and covers for rainy days, allowing children to be outdoors for many hours. Add some storage shelving or containers for toys and even a sandpit and hanging swing for the younger set. A “messy” area can be included for arts & crafts or water play – and it’s all outdoors, so no more mucking in the house.

Teen Hang Out Pad

For older children, turn the pergola into a teen-friendly space. Add comfy couches, brightly coloured cushions and a portable speaker for a funky seating area. Swing benches, hammocks and egg chairs are also popular options.

Meditation Zone

person doing meditation pose

Create a quiet space for relaxation and meditation. Add some comfortable mats and cushions.  Hanging plants will add to the more natural ambience of the area. A low table is useful for candles and incense.

Workshop / Art Studio / Creative / Hobbie Zone

Communing with nature and access to natural lighting may be just what is required to get the creative juices flowing. Add shelving or cupboards for the storage of your tools and supplies and an appropriate table or workbench.

Pool House


Outdoor pergolas near swimming pools naturally lend themselves to being converted into a pool house. Add comfortable loungers, waterproof or grass mats and low tables for an instant tropical feel. If space allows, you can add shelving for glassware, towels and pool toys. Imagine adding a bar counter for serving drinks, and you may feel like you are on a permanent holiday.

Outdoor Office

white table with brown wicker chair beside plants

For those working from home, consider having an outdoor office in the pergola. Instead of being stuck in a stuffy indoor area, add a desk, chairs and storage for your frequently used office equipment and supplies. Power and internet connections can be installed. And don’t forget the coffee machine and a comfortable chair to take full advantage of your coffee break.

If you are ready to build a functional outdoor pergola, contact Wizard Home Improvements today to discuss how we can make this a reality.