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The Benefits Of Straight Drop Blinds

August 25, 2022

Straight drop blinds are a brilliant addition to any business space, giving you high-quality shading and a premium space for branding. These products come in various sizes, styles and materials that can suit your style. With the ability to look and feel like a stylish business, you can attract customers and become a part of the local community. These designs ensure premium shade and allow for a range of attractive styling options that enhance your branding. Read on to find out more about these solutions.

Great Advertising

time-lapse photography of crowd of people on New York Time square during night time

These custom-made products have the advantage of providing personalised advertising and practical use. However, having an awning that further broadcasts your message, a product or even just to help identify your store better is beyond beneficial. This solution drives your business and brand name, allowing you to grab local foot traffic and ensure a more familiar name. When you can appeal to every passer-by, you can ensure people will know your name.


red and blue light streaks

Having a straight drop option is not just about advertising but also practical benefits to your space. These installations help reduce heat and cooling bills by supporting ideal temperature regulation. They also provide space to avoid rain, hail or excessive sunshine outside the business. In addition, these elements can protect and cover outdoor spaces and extend the indoor space into an open plan area. These products are brilliant for cafes and restaurants that need to be able to protect and advertise their space.


It can be hard to identify and trust the outlet when a store has no clear labelling or markings. With a high-quality, customised straight drop product, your store credibility can be improved, and you can be far more appealing to your potential consumers. Often these installations also become the recognisable face of the location, becoming an image to be used on social media and advertising elements.

Easy To Use

Whether you opt for retractable, manual or electric straight drop awnings, they are some of the simplest forms of awnings on the market. They are easy to use and can be easily adjusted by most people. Also, the parts that operate a straight drop awning are typically simple, so they have less chance of breaking or incurring damage. And if they do get damaged, they are typically a simple fix.

Straight drop blinds give you ideal cover from weather and sun and a brilliant space for advertising your business . Whether covering an outdoor area or simply beautifying your space, we can help you. Contact us today to find out more.