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Quick Guide: Building a Sunroom

April 3, 2014

a covered patio with a table and chairs

Sunroom and Queensland Room build checklist

We’ve waxed lyrical over how much we love a good sunroom or Queensland room on the blog in the past, but we’ve never told you what you need to do when you’re preparing to finally build –  now, you need wonder no longer, for our Sunroom/Queensland Room building checklist is finally here. From types of paperwork to types of materials used, the Wizard list has it all covered.


Purpose: Why do you want a sunroom?

Sunrooms are the ultimate leisure indulgence – they exist purely for your comfort! Consider exactly why you want a sunroom or Queensland room: are you aiming to extend the living area of your home, upgrading from an outdoor awning  or adding value to your home before you put it on the market?

All of the above and more are excellent reasons to extend your home and build a sunroom, but as it’s both an investment of money and time, it’s important that you know that you’re committing for the right reasons. According to Domain, home improvements are a rising trend, especially for Gen Y, with half of Australia’s homeowners planning to renovate in the next four years.


Taking Action: What do you need to consider before building a sunroom?

Remember that with a job such as a sunroom or Queensland room, you may need to check with your local council and see if you are required to lodge a developmental application prior to construction


Requirements: What do you need before you build?

If your budget allows for it, you should consider building your sunroom with eco-friendly materials, such as materials made from recycled plastic, etc.  If the climate of your home goes between extremes (high 30s in summer, single digits in winter) then you may want to also consider insulating materials to ensure comfort in your sunroom or Queensland room during harsh weather.

Once you’ve considered the above aspects of the build, then you can start thinking about the more fun aspects of the sunroom, such as painting and designing! We’ve made the checklists above with you and your needs in mind – your sunroom is going to be around for a long time, so you want to ensure that it ticks all the boxes before you start to build!

So what do you think; do you think a sunroom would suit your home and lifestyle? Leave a comment if you’re thinking about building a sunroom or have had one in the past. We’d love to hear your thoughts!