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Decks and Pergolas: Extending on Your Home’s Assets

November 7, 2013


Summer is getting very close now and it’s the perfect time to not only think about how a deck or pergolas could improve your home’s resale value, but also how they could improve your lifestyle. The trick with getting timber decking or a pergola to work with your Sydney home is understanding the basics of construction of either outdoor asset, along with what your options are.

When it comes to building a deck, no matter how DIY you are, or your friend is, it’s best to get a professional carpenter involved. However, just because you aren’t building it yourself doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know the basics of what a solid deck should have. For instance, the stump holes should be at least 60 centimetres deep and filled with concrete, as well as being at least a metre and a half apart. Any hardware used, like nails and wood, should be of a high enough quality that it can withstand the effects of being constantly exposed to all sorts of elements from days of rain to days of burning sunshine. There’s not too much to consider in terms of style when it comes to your decking, but it’s a different story if you’re building pergolas.

When you build a pergola, there’s a whole raft of options to play with when it comes to choosing a style for you and your home. For example, you could go for a gabled roof, which is the more expensive option but it’ll make the pergola both cooler and brighter. Also, depending on what sort of roof sheeting you choose, you’ll need to have it installed in certain ways, for instance polycarbonate roof sheets generally need at least a five degree slope. And then there’s choosing and positioning sheeting for the best dispersal of heat e.g. polycarbonate roofing shouldn’t be in places that are predominantly in direct sunlight, while steel roofing is perfect for handling near-constant direct sunlight. When you know what you want roofing-wise, there’s still the conundrum of posts and supports – there’s no real price-difference but aesthetically your pergola will look different if you choose a few chunky posts over lots of smaller posts.

It can be tricky getting that deck or pergola just right, but it’s bound to increase your home’s resale value, since outdoor spaces are always a winner.