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Dress Up Your Deck Without Blowing the Budget

December 27, 2013

Sydney is definitely one of the the world’s most stylish cities but anyone who’s tried to stay on trend will know that it can be a very expensive business. And we’re not just making sure ourselves are stylish, our homes have been to be as modern as possible, but how do you make something as important as your deck chic and modern without spending a fortune?

1.      Planning: Before you make any decisions or spend any money you need to get planning and to plan right you need to do plenty of research. Break out the magazines and head online and find out what looks are making people take notice and take notes of what appeals to you.

2.      Big Features: A stylish room will always have some sort of eye-catcher, whether it’s a piece of distinctive furniture or a stunning sculpture is up to you. If you’re clever you can get this feature for next to nothing. Your best bet is to look out for hard rubbish days in your area and see if any distressed pieces of furniture are hitting the curb. Be prepared to do a little cleaning and making over of them but the work will definitely be worth it. Alternatively start looking at local markets and seeing what sort of sculptures are being sold by local artists – they’ll definitely cost you far less there than they will in a shop.

3.      Colours: A lot of outdoor furniture can easily be repainted to suit a certain colour scheme, or if you’re dealing with fabric make use of patterned cushions to tie a lounge in with the rest of the deck.

assorted-color smoke

4.      Plants: No room, indoor or out, is complete without a little greenery. Certain plants like the Boston fern always go with any modern trend and are extremely easy to care for. Experiment with pots, planters and hanging baskets till you find what’s right for you.

green rubber fig plant

5.      Accents: When you’ve got the heavy work out of the way it’s time to tie it all in together. See what nick-nacks and bits and pieces you can find hidden away in your home that’ll suit your deck’s new look, even with just a touch of paint, or head on back to local markets to pick up those last few key pieces like old glass bottles to bring home a vintage feel.

Updating your deck doesn’t have to cost a fortune as long as you’re willing to put in the hard yards to find those bargains. For more inspiration, have a look at Home & Garden Inspiration: Decks, Pools and Sunrooms.

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