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Extreme Pool Makeover: Timber Deck It

December 12, 2013

There’s no denying that a pool or timber decking can both be equally big selling-points when it comes to adding value to your home. A pool provides immediate access to great summer exercise while a deck can be the perfect place to unwind. So why not merge the two together at your Sydney home this December with some great designs?


1. Asian Getaway:

brown pathway between green trees during daytime


Using strong, natural timber can help you create gorgeous themes to complement your pool. Like this Asian-themed pool, featuring authentic statues and a hut to snooze away the day without getting sunburnt.


2.      Multi-Level:

One of the best ways to create an interesting yet efficient design with decking is to have different platforms at varying heights and this pool decking takes that idea to a whole new level. Relax on the top deck and watch the mini-waterfall or head down to the lower deck for some water-based fun.

3.      Palm Oasis:

It can be tricky to incorporate plants into any decking scenario – do you choose pots or go for edging? – but this amazing pool decking has found a way to merge the classic palm tree theme of many Australian pools with some stylish timber.

4.      Open Air:

Your pool decking doesn’t always have to be fancy or intricate, sometimes simplicity is best especially when you’re working with stunning views. This pool decking makes the most of the beautiful surroundings and gives you a place to both relax and play without becoming too busy.

5.      Fluidity:

You might be worried that by choosing to go with decking rather than a stone variant that you won’t be able to have the shape of pool you’ve got your heart set on. This pool decking proves otherwise. Timber decking can be made to fit any shaped pool meaning you can have a pool that’s all curves, no worries.

If you want more timber decking inspiration, have a look at 5 Outdoor Decks We’d Love to Lounge On.

Meta: If your pool doesn’t come with a timber deck then you’re seriously missing out on a fantastic chance to add value and a great space to your Sydney home.