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Five Reasons Sydney Should Choose Insulated Awnings

September 3, 2013

Asking why you should choose insulated awnings over flat awnings is like asking why we should drink water over carbonated pop. While they’re both bound to refresh, there’s no doubt which is the more salubrious choice –better for you today and better for you in the long run, insulated is the cost-effective ideal for your outdoor living spaces.


1. Insulated Awnings Stop Noise

The delicate pitter-patter of drizzle on your rooftop can be a glorious thing, but when you’re hit by that hard Australian East Coast rain it’s absolutely deafening. Insulated awnings stifle the noise, meaning the conversations can flow freely right throughout the downpour. This is your inside space outside, meant for relaxing, entertaining and enjoying, don’t let a little rain dampen your fun.

2. Insulated Awnings Prevent Mildew

Feel free to decorate your new insulated patio with the furnishings you fancy. Insulated awnings mean no condensation building up, therefore protecting your outdoor décor from unsightly mildew. Your living room outside can be as plush and comfortable as you like it, plus it means you’ll also get a bit of respite during hot and humid days.

3. Insulated Awnings Regulate the Temperature

Insulated awnings are designed to keep your patio area cool during the summer and warm during the winter. In the hot season, you’ll avoid the sweat and strain of a Sydney heat by having the sun’s hot rays transferred away from the awning structure. During the cooler months, you can set up a patio heater or a small fire pit and the warmth with hit the roof to re-circulate it’s warmth around your decking area. Rain, hail or shine an insulated patio adds an extra layer of protection to your home against the elements meaning you shouldn’t have to head for the A/C unit quite as often.

4. Insulated Awnings Won’t Corrode

Our insulated awnings are crafted from premium aluminium. That means no matter where you are in Australia, from Balmain to Bondi, Wyong to Wollongong, your outdoor awning won’t rot or decay. Traditional timber and steel materials are susceptible to corrosion, particularly in areas near saltwater, we offer a 100% aluminium solution, meaning your awning isn’t susceptible to the same wear and tear of other inferior products.

5. Insulated Awnings Can Easily Convert into a Sunroom

Sunroom, Queenslander room, glass room, it doesn’t matter what you call it, when you opt for insulated over non-insulated awnings you’re investing in the future potential of your property. It’s simple for us to convert any of our insulated awnings into a sunroom area further down the line because of its anti-mould and thermal-effective properties.