How To Give Your Timber Decking In Sydney A Long Life

Are you looking for an outdoor space that offers comfort, functionality, and ample space for entertaining, lounging, and simply enjoying the great Australian climate? If so, then timber decking in Sydney from Wizard Home Improvements is the solution for you!

When the table and chairs on the grass in your backyard simply don’t work for you anymore, and you want a completely new outdoor space, installing a deck can be a high-value investment. Timber decks have become a prolific instalment in Sydney homes in recent years as more homeowners realise the many benefits it provides for the property. From increasing property value to affording a distinguishing aesthetic, an outdoor deck provides an extension to your home that can be used for a variety of purposes.

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Caring For Your Timber Deck. 

brown and white wooden surface

Your timber decking requires regular maintenance to keep it in good condition and looking its best, but don’t worry; it’s nothing that will take the entire day! In fact, when you care for your deck regularly, it will only require a few minutes every other day to keep it healthy and pristine.

Let’s discuss a few tips to keep your timber deck in Sydney looking good:

  1. General upkeep and deck checks. Many homeowners overlook the importance of general upkeep and deck checks, but minor problems can quickly become costly when left unresolved. When performing weekly deck checks, look for loose or cracked timber boards and protruding nails and screws. Harsh weather conditions and impact can cause your timber deck to experience the above-mentioned problems.
  2. Daily cleaning. Although it is completely normal for leaves, dirt and debris to fall into the gaps of your timber boards, you should never leave them to sit and accumulate. Doing so can lead to rot and poor water runoff, which can cause significant damage to your timber deck. You should aim to sweep and hose down your deck weekly to remove dirt and debris that causes wood decay.
  3. Deep cleaning and coating. Once a year, you should give your timber deck a thorough cleaning, using a non-alkaline cleaner to remove stubborn dirt, oil, and debris. Scrubbing and deep cleaning your deck will give it the best chance of survival and longevity. In addition, to keep a new and pristine appearance and strength, you should apply a timber coating at least twice a year in direct sunlight.

Follow these tips to ensure your timber deck looks and functions its best year-round, and visit Wizard Home Improvements for professional timber deck installation in Sydney! Contact us today to request a quote!