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Hunter Douglas Outside Awning - Why They’re the Best

October 1, 2013

An outdoor awning is a fantastic way to improve the outdoor living areas of your Sydney home. There is a wide range of awnings to choose from, including the handy retractable awning, but which outdoor awning is the best


The answer to that question is easy: The Hunter Douglas Shademaster Insulated Awning. The Hunter Douglas Shademaster Insulated Awning isn’t your traditional awning, and that’s why it stands head and shoulders above the rest of the competition. So what are the specs of the Shademaster Insulated Awning that make it so great?

Where an ordinary awning is made of fabric the Shademaster is made from insulated roof panels that have been coated in a highly durable coating on top, as well as a low gloss coat for the ceiling section of the awning. So why do these roof panels make perfect outdoor awning?

Unlike fabric awnings, regardless of how tight they are strung, the Shademaster Insulated Awning will never suffer or decline as a result of weather conditions like strong winds or rain, or even long hot summers. The individual panels clip together to form a weather-tight seal, and the roofing is actually strong enough to be walked on. Instead of having to rush out at the sight of a storm to secure your outdoor awning, you can stay in the comfort of your home safe in the knowledge that your Shademaster Insulated Awning will still be there and in perfect condition when the storm dies away.

Because the Shademaster Insulated Awning is made up of smaller panels, you also get far more reach and covered space than if you chose a fabric awning. Large fabric awnings are extremely expensive as a lot of guides and framework need to be installed to ensure that the material is stretched correctly and doesn’t flap about in the breeze, and even then it can only be so big. However, because the Shademaster is constructed from hardy panels, your shaded outdoor area can be up to 36 square metres. That’s plenty of room for a large family gathering or Sunday football barbeque.

The Hunter Douglas Shademaster Insulated Awning is the way to go if you really want to be able to enjoy your Sydney home’s outdoor living areas in true style and comfort.