Inside Out: Rising trend in outdoor rooms

Haven’t you heard? Outdoor spaces are now becoming an extension of the indoors, with a rising trend in outdoor rooms such as outdoor kitchens and wireless-equipped entertainment areas.

Pergolas, patios and decks are becoming more than ever before.

green plants on white metal fence

That comes as no surprise to us – with Sydney’s excellent weather conditions almost all-year round, there’s no reason to not want to spend more time outside unless you have an aversion to vitamin D.

There’s a rising trend in customers seeking home improvements to want the garden and living area to be considered as one space. Even if the area isn’t used on a regular basis, a well-designed and well-purposed outdoor room adds value to the property. Outdoor rooms make a property appear much more spacious and enjoyable, giving you more usable space in an area that used to be seen as an afterthought when it came to entertainment.

The sky’s the limit (really!) when it comes to outdoor living areas – you need not limit yourself to creating an outdoor kitchen. Wireless devices such as TVs and iPod docks can be used outdoors, too, which takes your movie nights and lazy Sunday afternoons to a whole new level. If you’re handy and have a projector and a spare sheet lying around, you can even create a moonlight cinema to enjoy with your friends and family.

When aiming to accomplish harmony between your indoor and outdoor spaces, the most important thing to view outdoor spaces as part of the design scheme and take them into account when setting your budget. It is also important to ensure lighting plans are connected in order to create the same ambience both indoors and outdoors and unify both areas.

Manufacturers are capitalising on this growing trend, making it easier than ever for you to create exactly what you’ve been imagining. Modern, striking and versatile products that can withstand outdoor environments are popping up everywhere, so get hunting and create the outdoor room of your dreams!


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