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How to Keep Your Sunroom Cool During Sydney’s Hot Months

December 9, 2013

Sydney can swelter through summer – look to the record heat we endured during the January/February of 2013 to see just how high it can get! With constant days of eight hours worth of heat, it can certainly get a little draining and more than tiresome. One of the biggest problems people have though is making their sunroom or Queensland room cool in these long, hot summer months.

Just because the name sunroom implies a constant warmness, it doesn’t mean you can’t get your sunroom cool this summer. There are actually quite a few little tips and tricks you can employ so you can still enjoy the gorgeous views a sunroom has to offer without having to lose half your body weight in sweat for the privilege.

  • Insulated Roofing: Now this tip requires a little forethought when it comes to building your sunroom but if you choose an appropriate insulated roofing material at construction your sunroom will be the perfect temperature not just in summer but all year round.

a roof with a triangle shaped window on top of it

  • Stylish Colour Choices: We all know that wearing black on a sunny day always leads to overheating and the same applies for the curtains and fabrics you choose to use in your sunroom. If you want your sunroom to stay as cool as possible this summer switch any heavy, dark curtains for light, soft-coloured curtains. Not only will the room become cheerful and inviting but the feeling of heat will be far less oppressive.

multicolored flower illustration

  • The Humble Fan: If you’re willing to look around and spend a little bit of money you can get a pedestal fan (or even a ceiling fan) to create a cooling breeze in your sunroom. Search around for fans that are the right size for your space, as well as a colour that’ll complement the room and not look tacky.

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