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Leading the Trend: The benefits of aluminium awnings and pergolas

November 16, 2013

person drilling metal bar

Not just the perfect provider of shade in summer, there are many positive aspects to incorporating an awnings and pergola into your outdoor entertainment area. There’s much more to these silent protectors than meets the eye.

Protection from the elements

One of the most obvious benefits of an awning or pergola is the protection from the elements. Take a break from the scorching sun, retreat from the rain or stay calm on a windy afternoon – your awning will aid you here.

Stay cool (or warm!) no matter the weather

If your awning is insulated, then you’re in luck, my friend. Insulated awnings are one of the smartest investments you can make – as well as being available in a range of stylish colours, they help you make the most out of your outdoor time. From dulling the thud of heavy rain, to deflecting heat on a hot day, to reducing condensation build up on outdoor furnishings, insulated awnings have your comfort in mind.

Convert with ease

If you have a metal awning or pergola set up at your home but are seeking a change, you don’t need to trash your setting to start again – just bring the outside in by converting it to a sunroom or Queenslander room!

Stay green

photo of green fern plant

For those who want to keep their energy usage low, it’s easy to install solar paneling on top of exterior roller blinds, outdoor awning or pergola – all you have to do is ask!

Coastal comfort

Totally aluminium awnings are corrosion-proof, which means that if you’ve got the luxury of living by the ocean, you don’t have that constant worry of the sea breeze carrying salt and other weathering elements towards your home. Your awning or pergola is your first line of defense! In addition to this, the awnings from Wizard Home Improvements are cyclone tested and ultra-durable for your comfort.

If you have questions about awnings or pergolas or are interested in setting one up at your home, give Wizard Home Improvements a call today on 1300 920 788