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Lighting Up Your Pergola In Sydney

May 17, 2021

Pergola builders in Sydney will be quick to extol the virtues of these structures in the heat of the day. However, by adding appropriate lighting, it is possible to create a stunning outdoor area that is suitable for relaxation or entertaining long into the night.

There are multitudes of lighting choices and combinations to complement any evening outdoor paradise. Here we give you a few options to choose from.

String Lights

yellow light bokeh on black background

Probably the most obvious and possibly the prettiest choice is string lights. These versatile lights can be arranged in plenty of ways to suit the specific shape, style and dimension of any alfresco domain. Furthermore, there are solar options available, providing an instant solution to non-electrified areas.

Creating a specific ambience is easy, as string lights come in a myriad of colours and shapes.  Single strands can be employed, or a “ceiling” effect can be generated by adding multiple strings. These lights also come in hanging options that allow for crafting a curtain or wall of light with stunning effect.

A romantic atmosphere can be produced by wrapping string lights around pillars or beams, thereby supplying ambient light instead of bright illumination.


lighted kerosene lantern -

Paper lanterns can be arranged at regular intervals or can be randomly placed at different levels to suit the feel of the space. These days, it is possible to procure paper-like lanterns that are made of nylon. These gorgeous lights are weather-resistant, offering a more long-term solution.

Pendant Or Hanging Lights

A single or double hanging light over a key area in the pergola will create a striking impact. For example, the lights can be positioned directly over the dining table or other areas where a focussed light source is required.

Edge Lighting

Electing to install lights around the perimeter of a pergola will achieve an attractive look and feel. Options for this type of effect include white or yellow globes, for a subtle lighting option, or coloured globes which can induce a festive mood.

Elegant Lighting

Possibly the most graceful lighting solution is a chandelier. These classic light fittings will add an air of sophistication. Moreover, depending on the design of the fitting, it may be possible to use candle power, which is an enchanting proposition for unelectrified locales.

Unsure which lighting option suits your lifestyle best? Contact Wizard Home Improvements today, expert pergola builders in Sydney. Let us help you to create an exquisite outdoor space and advise on the perfect lighting solutions.

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