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How to Make a Hammock for Your Outdoor Entertainment Areas

May 12, 2014

black hammock between trees during daytime

Hang out in your own outdoor area

We’ve decided to think laterally and bring something different to the blog this week.

We hope you enjoy it! 

There’s nothing more comforting than lying in a hammock on a lazy afternoon and curling up with a book on your deck or patio.

Don’t waste your pennies with a store-bought one, though – follow our instructions to make the overhand knot hammock of your dreams.

You’ll need a tape measure, a pair of scissors and about 180m of rope. We recommend buying rope that’s thick enough to be sturdy but not so thick that the knots will be uncomfortable to lie on.


  1. Measure and cut 24 6-metre strands of rope. Gather all the strands of rope on one end and tie them together, leaving about 30cm of rope ends hanging from the top of the knot.
  2. Leave about half a metre of space between the first knot and the first row of hammock knots you’re about to start.
  3. Starting from your far left, grab the first two strands (strand 1 and 2 respectively) and tie them together using a simple overhand knot. Repeat this with strands 3 and 4, 5 and 6, and so on, ensuring that all of the knots are level with one another.
  4. Once you’ve finished the first row of knots (ending on strand 23 and 24), leave about 3 inches, then start knotting again, leaving strand 24 on its own and knotting, right to left, starting with strands 22 and 23.
  5.  When you reach the end of the next row, knot strands 2 and 3 together, leaving strand 1 on its own.
  6. Skipping down a row on strand 1, knot it together with strand 2 – this will create the beginning of what will become another row of knots.
  7. Keep knotting the strands together to create another row. When you reach strand 23 and 24, knot them together, skipping down a row on strand 24 as you did in step 6.
  8. Repeat steps 3-7, making sure to skip a row on either end when needed. Keep knotting away until there’s about a metre of rope strands left over.
  9. Knot all 24 strands of rope together, leaving about half a metre between this knot and the last row of knots.
  10. Trim the excess rope on either end of the hammock, then attach the ends to two trees in your backyard, two supports on your deck or patio, or take it with you on your next camping trip.


Thanks to Kinfolk for the tutorial!

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