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Why Would You Need a Queensland Room?

December 23, 2013

Queensland rooms, or sunrooms as you might know them better, are rapidly becoming popular extensions and renovation projects for homes around Sydney. But why are people choosing to build Queensland rooms?

The sunroom or Queensland room originally began life in Europe as a mix between a greenhouse and a sitting room, known as a conservatory. As time went by they became popular minus the plants and began to spread over the world, including to Australia.

For the majority of people getting sunrooms the reason behind it all is to have more space. Whether it’s because there’s a few kids in the family or an elderly relative has moved in or just because the home was a little too small to being with, a sunroom can actually be the perfect answer for not having enough space.

Sunrooms are extremely versatile and can be used for just about any purpose. The more popular uses of sunrooms including an additional ‘grown-up’ living room free of noisy gadgets, a home gym, a formal dining room, a home office, or even as a mini greenhouse. The purpose of the room really comes down to what the household wants and needs but when it comes to additional living space there’s very little a sunroom can’t do.

The abundance of natural light often creates quite a calming effect on people and is therefore perfect for a little quiet relaxation. Another big drawcard, of course, for sunrooms is the fact that the plentiful windows mean that not only is there lots of natural light you can enjoy the outdoors whenever you want without having to deal with problems like insects, hay fever, sunburn or even just bad weather.

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