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Why You Need Waterproof Pergola Blinds From Wizard Home Improvements

January 20, 2022

In many new homes around Australia, you will see beautifully designed pergolas and probably have some envy towards your neighbours who enjoy the luxury of their’s while you’re stuck sitting underneath an umbrella, or worse, indoors! But, the jealousy will reach the end of the road once you make an overdue visit to Wizard Home Improvements!

Once you get a glimpse of our masterfully crafted pergolas, you will never look back and never have to ration your shade again! Simply visit us online to learn more about our pergolas and waterproof pergola blinds!

The Benefits Of Outdoor Blinds.

white window blinds closed

The climate in Australia is spectacular most of the year, but when the rainy days do rear their heads, it’s ideal to have waterproof pergola blinds on your side so you can continue enjoying your little sanctuary without trying to hide from the cold or getting your new sweater wet!

Outdoor blinds, in general, are an excellent addition to any outdoor construction and help protect your investment with weatherproofing and year-round functionality. It would be absolutely insane to opt-out of outdoor blinds, right? Take a look at the following benefits of installing outdoor blinds:

  1. Maximize space – wasted space is no one’s cup of tea, and outdoor blinds help you eliminate it as much as possible.
  2. Protection from harsh weather conditions – being hit with a storm in the middle of a family BBQ is enough to dampen any mood (no pun intended). Still, with the utilization of waterproof blinds, you can continue enjoying your gatherings along with the storm, just without any inconvenience.
  3. Protect your furniture – outdoor blinds protect your pergola furnishings from external elements that typically cause fading, damage and general wear and tear.
  4. Pest-resilience – swatting bugs while you’re trying to enjoy a peaceful evening in the garden can be a major deterrent, even if your pergola is your favourite place to be! Thankfully, blinds prevent bugs and pests from bothering you and recking havoc on your guests.
  5. Increased privacy – nosy peepers are simply unavoidable, but outdoor blinds add an extra layer of privacy if you feel there are too many eyes on you.

Simply put, waterproof pergola blinds are a must-have if you want to maximize the functionality of your outdoor living space. If the benefits listed above are not compelling enough, visit our website to learn more about our products or contact us to speak to one of our build specialists.

Wizard Home Improvements are here to help you realize the opportunities for luxury living.