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Alfresco Areas Stay Warm With Patio Fire Pits

June 12, 2014

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With the cooler weather finally setting in after the warmest May in a while, Sydney siders aren’t wanting to give up their outdoor leisure time just yet and are seeking ways to beat the bitter cold.

Turn up the Heat on Your Outdoor Entertainment Areas

One of the most popular forms of outdoor heating are fire pits, which are designed to allow a natural fire to be lit outdoors, on a patio or deck. Back in the day, fire pits would actually be dub into the ground, but in modern fire pits, the fire is contained in a metal pit that is raised well above ground level.

If you are planning on installing a fire pit, especially on your outdoor deck or patio area, it is essential to consult with your local council to ensure that you are meeting appropriate fire regulations.

Here are some of our favourite fire pits, suited for any budget:


Brad Pit Fire Pit

Yes, it’s a fire pit called Brad Pit. Robert Plumb have a sense of humour and have another fire pit in a different colour called the Angelina. These A-list fire-pits come at an A-list price, but we think it’s worth it for the gag.


Barbie Fire Pit

The Barbie fire pit isn’t grossly disproportioned and blonde like its namesake, instead boasting a sleek, minimal design. It can also be used as a barbecue – multifunctionalism at its finest. Again cracking the jokes, Robert Plumb also has this style in a different colour, called the Ken.


Vesuvio Fire Pit

This fire pit is everything you’d want in a heat-providing device – a durable steel bowl, a mesh cover, a log grate and a poker with handle to tend your fire. It’s durable and portable, making it perfect for your patio, deck or backyard area.


Flame Dancer

This pit is truly one for the more design-adventurous out there – I can’t imagine any Scandinavian minimalism being a design choice for the person who buys the Flame Dancer (or any of the other fire pits listed on the website). It’s on sale at the moment, so buy one then do a jig of joy around your new purchase for getting such a good bargain.


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