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Pergolas In Sydney For Outdoor Bathrooms And Kitchens

June 11, 2021

Pergolas are a wonderful addition to your property in Sydney. This versatile outdoor extension to your home can be used for relaxing, entertaining, and so much more.

Trends for 2021 indicate that homeowners opt to use this exterior space for kitchens and, interestingly, bathrooms as well.

Outdoor Kitchens

Do you love to cook? Are things heating up in your kitchen? Maybe it is time to create an alfresco culinary space and lift your creativity to new levels, inspired by the natural surroundings of your own backyard.

When thinking of cooking outside, the first thing that springs to mind is a barbecue. When planning your pergola, a functional built-in barbecue area can be incorporated alongside other appliances like a hob and oven for the ultimate gourmet experience.

Does your family love Friday night pizzas? Adding an outdoor pizza oven can bring the whole family together to create and bake their favourite option.

By adding countertops, sinks and storage areas, with the right design and layout, even a relatively small outdoor space can be turned into a dream kitchen.

Outdoor Bathrooms

An initial idea might be to start with an outdoor shower. But for the latest trend in au naturel experiences, a fully equipped bathroom is the way to go.

Tub choices range from old fashioned ball-and-claw varieties to the more rustic wood-clad tub to the ultra-chic, modern, stark white tub with all-white fittings and fixtures. Basins, toilets and showers can be selected to match. You can even consider a hot tub, steam bath or sauna. A search on Pinterest will reveal a wide set of styling options to get you started.

Even more so than with other open-air areas, privacy is an issue. Your friendly pergola builder will be able to recommend choices on how to ensure your open-air bathroom can be enjoyed without scaring your neighbours. Screening can be done with an assortment of materials, including wooden slats, plant-covered trellises, bamboo or other materials to suit the styling you have selected.

If you are ready to get cooking or bathing in a more natural space, Contact Wizard Home Improvements today to discuss how to build your new outdoor kitchen or bathroom pergolas in Sydney.