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How to Pull Off an Affordable Sunroom Makeover

February 24, 2014

a covered patio with a table and chairs

Cheap and cheerful additions to the sunroom

A sunroom or Queensland room is for making the most out of Australia’s favourite source of light – the sun. However, some sunrooms we’ve seen lately have taken the exact opposite tack – and no one wants a sombre sunroom. Consider some of the following tips if you feel that you’re not getting the most out of your outside-in spaces.

Dark paint palettes of stormy greys and deep purples have no place in a sunroom. Make the most out of the natural like seeping in and complement it with cheery colours such as sandy yellow, coral or aqua.  If you’re not after a beachy vibe, most light colours will do – they just need to bounce the light of the sun around the room.

Sunrooms are often long and narrow, which means haphazardly throwing furniture around will displease the feng shui gods greatly, or at least just make it very difficult to walk around. To have a better sense of flow throughout the room, pull furniture into a U-shape. If you have a lounge set that fits, then this is ideal for creating an intimate entertainment area.

Multi-purpose statement-making accessories are ideal in rooms where space needs to be utilised well. An ottoman, for example, is more than just a footrest: it’s a coffee table, a display space, a comfy bench. Pick the right one, and it adds personality to a room.

One of the best things about a sunroom is that it gives you the best of the outside world without actually having to leave the house – and you can bring as much of those outside elements in as well. We’re a big fan of reclaimed wood furniture that gives off a relaxed, beachy vibe.

For storage paired with style, we can’t go past using trunks to put all of our things in – vintage ones are great purely for aesthetics, whereas modern, minimalist trunks are great for putting cushions on top of and using as another seating area.

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