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Is a Queensland Room the Right Extension for Your Home?

October 23, 2013

aerial view of city buildings near sea during daytime

Sydney really comes alive in summer. There are so many beautiful flowers and birds to admire, but it can be hard to get outdoors when the thermometer keeps creeping closer to 40. However, a sunroom extension, or Queensland room, can be the perfect way for you to enjoy all nature has to offer this year, without sweating away or getting sunburnt. But is a sunroom right for you and your household?


There are plenty of reasons as to why a Queensland room or sunroom extension could be just what you’re looking for to improve your lifestyle without having to move. The biggest drawcard for getting a sunroom is that it lets you make the most of the views your home boasts. Whether it’s native bushland, peaceful suburbia, or the Sydney harbour, every house has a view that someone will love. With walls made entirely of glass, you won’t miss a single part of that stunning view that made you buy the house in the first place.

A Queensland room also lets you take advantage of your beloved view without risking insect bites, sunburn, or getting rained on. Summer is a very chaotic time in Australia, one day it can be bright and sunny with temperatures in the mid-thirties, the next it can be dark, storming, and dropping below twenty. The spring and summer seasons are also the times when insects, snakes, and spiders come out of hibernation and return to your backyard. The best way to not get bitten is to stay inside, but a sunroom means you don’t have to miss out on the beauty of nature to keep safe.

Not every household will stay the same as the years go by, you might find yourself with another kid or two, or maybe an elderly parent will move in. Space can become a big problem, but a sunroom can be a great way to avoid everyone treading on each other’s toes. The sunroom can become a quiet getaway for parents, like an additional grown-up living room free of toys and electronics.

Of course, there’s many reasons why a sunroom extension could be the right decision for you and your home, but the above should get you thinking and weighing it all up in your mind.