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Queenslander Room Makeover - Transform a Sparse Porch with Simple Accessories

September 19, 2013

It’s not enough to just have a Queenslander room in your Sydney home. If you want to really be able to enjoy and to show that sunroom extension off with pride, you need to transform it into an amazing space. So how do you do that?


You don’t need a million dollars to make your sunroom as perfect as it can be. By choosing simple but clever decorations and furniture you can make your sunroom the most desirable room in your house.

Let’s start with the basic furniture. Your sunroom is a meeting place for the outdoors and indoors, and your furniture should reflect this. Wicker furniture with comfy cushions works best to continue this illusion as it can be used either indoors or out. Also, make your sunroom multipurpose by including both dining room furniture as well as lounge room furniture. This way you have twice as many reasons to stay in there!

Queensland room

Once you’ve got your main furniture down, it’s time to think about larger accents to the decor. No sunroom is complete without a plant or two, so do your research and find out what plants that like sunrooms will match your decor. For instance, if you’ve got particularly cheery and bright colours in your sunroom, a hibiscus or two would complement the whole thing perfectly. Or if you’ve gone for more neutral tones, look at using Boston ferns in planters or hanging pots to create a calming, green atmosphere.

Queensland room

Now we’re at the pointy end, it’s time to choose just the right accessories and decorations to really draw everything in your sunroom into one neat, stylish, little bundle. Make it a space that you want to use everyday by adding your personal touches, while still encouraging that feeling of the melding indoors and outdoors. For instance, you can create a lovely family room without neglecting the outside by the careful placement of a few small family photos, alongside a bowl of river pebbles.

Queensland room

There’s no reason to spend up big on these decorations – use what you already have and love from other rooms in your home and bring it all together in one fabulous space.