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Queensland Rooms in Sydney: How the Sunshine State has been doing it right

September 10, 2014

What is a Queensland room and why would anyone in Sydney want one, anyway? Wizard Home Improvements are here to shed some light on the coveted home addition for Sydney homeowners considering making a change to their home.

In New South Wales we may be able to boast about being the First State, but our neighbours up north love laying claim to our great provider of light, claiming the prize of being the Sunshine State. The state’s iconic Queenslander homes are designed to reflect the tropical summers and mild winters, with wide, breezy rooms that let the sunshine in. With warmer weather just around the corner, consider following in the footsteps of our friends from the Far North and add a Queensland Room extension to your home.

This article will provide you with all the necessary information if you’re considering a Queensland room, sunroom, enclosed patio – whatever you want to call it. Their history, their benefits and what they’re made of – so that you can be better informed next time you consider making additions or renovations to your home.


What is a Queensland Room?

A Queensland room is otherwise better known as a sunroom. They are rapidly becoming popular extensions and renovation projects for homes all around Sydney. Though by name it sounds like the idea of the Queensland Room/sunroom originated on home soil, in fact they originally were conceived in Europe as a hybrid of a greenhouse and a sitting room, otherwise known as a conservatory. Over time, they became more popular for sitting in than keeping plants in and began to spread to homes all over the world – including Australia!

The Australian sunroom or Queensland room is sometimes called an enclosed patio, because that’s generally what the design entails – enclosing an outdoor entertainment area and providing a barrier between yourself and the elements while not sacrificing the positives of what the great outdoors has to offer us.


What are the benefits of a Queensland Room?

There are many reasons as to why a Queensland Room or sunroom would be the perfect addition to your home this summer. The biggest draw card for a sunroom is that it allows you to take advantage of the views around your home without having to suffer any of the problems of external elements, like heavy wind or rain. A Queensland room allows you to harness cool breezes on hot days and keep the cold out during winter. Whether you’re surrounded by native bush land, serene suburbia, or the iconic views of the Sydney harbor, every home has a view that someone will love.

A well-designed sunroom or Queensland room by quality providers like Wizard Home Improvements may also boost the value of your home in a thriving Sydney property market.

The versatility of a Queensland room or a sunroom is unparalleled. You can use it for an alternative study or workroom, a recreation room for the kids, a breakfast nook, or all three. Ultimately, the purpose of the sunroom really comes down to what needs you and your family have, but the options are really only limited by your imagination.


A Queensland Room in Sydney?

In Sydney, we may be rivals to our neighbours up north for the State of Origin, but we’re comrades in architecture, with both states seeking open, spacious homes that make staying in and entertaining friends and family (or ourselves) that much more exciting. It’s been proven that being exposed to natural light on a regular basis is important for our overall health and wellbeing, so why not make the most of it by making an addition of a room that does exactly that?

Sydneysiders love entertaining – especially outdoors – but there are times of the year when the weather isn’t as welcoming to your party plans as you and your guests are. Sunrooms allow you to make the most of entertaining outdoors without ever stepping out into the blistering cold or sweltering heat.  What more could you want? Now you can entertain all-year round.

What are Queensland Rooms made of?

At Wizard Home Improvements, our sunrooms are built with Hunter Douglas Insulated Awnings, which provide impressive insulating properties for year-round climate control. In addition to this, the material has mildew and mould-resisting properties, meaning that ongoing maintenance to your sunroom will need be only minimal. Enjoy your sunroom without worrying whether you’re going to need to scrub it down in a month’s time – this thing looks after itself!

Do you already have an existing patio on your property? Not a problem – we have the expertise to turn existing patio structures into Queensland rooms or sunrooms or to build them from scratch. You can choose from screen, plastic or thermally protected glass enclosures to suit your needs, tastes and budget.

Has the idea of a summer sunroom piqued your interest? To find out more about Queensland rooms and how they can improve your home and quality of life, get in contact with Wizard Home Improvements today. We can provide an obligation-free quote and advise you on a structure that would best suit your home and lifestyle.