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Small Outdoor Spaces: From Timber Deck to Rooftop Patios, How to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Living

September 23, 2013

If you think your block of land is too small for a timber deck or a patio, think again. Sydney is an ever-growing city, so space can be expensive, but there are ways you can make the most of the outdoor space you have when it comes to getting a deck or patio.


Don’t fret if you’ve got a tiny block of land and you want an outdoor deck. Some careful planning can see that dream become a reality. Follow these three tips and you’ll be on your way:

  1. 1.      Plan What You Want From Your Deck: Do you want to spend lazy Saturday afternoons reading a book in a quiet space all of your own? Or do you want to have big Friday night barbeques with all your best mates? What you want to do on your deck will help you start planning how much space you need. If it’s only ever going to be you and a few people, you can afford to only have a very small deck, but if you want to have a large gathering, you’ll need to get creative in your use of space, so your deck doesn’t take over your whole backyard.
  1. 2.      Match Your Deck Up to Your House: You can solve a lot of space issues by making sure that your deck and your house meet up and flow into one another. Still keen on a big deck for parties? You can save some space by choosing to have your deck extend from your kitchen or dining room so the two smaller spaces become one big space.
  1. 3.      Get Creative With Your Deck: You aren’t just limited to one level of your deck or one big open space. Let your creative juices run wild and experiment with different levels or dividing walls and plants to get the space that you want.

What if decks aren’t your thing? More of a patio person? Easy. City living lends itself to rooftop patios very easily. And those three tips can help you get a rooftop patio or terrace underway. A boring and ugly apartment rooftop can very easily become a gorgeous getaway with a little careful planning and clever decorating.


Outdoor spaces


Space doesn’t have to stop you living the outdoor life you want when it comes to a timber deck or patio. Get creative and make the most of the space you have!