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Why Sydney Car Lovers Shouldn’t Spend Money on Kit Carports

October 25, 2013

A carport is a great way to keep your car off Sydney’s streets and keep it protected from the elements. However, in saying that, the quality of your carport will make a huge difference. When it comes to home improvements, there’s no question that you go for the DIY where possible, but if you really love your car, you’ll leave the carport-building to the professionals.


It can be very tempting to save a few extra dollars on your carports by choosing a kit carport either from the internet or your local hardware store, rather than getting one built professionally. But there’s plenty of reasons why a kit carport should never come near your car, and why getting a carport built by a professional is the answer.

When you get a carport built by an expert, you’ll get a carport tailor-made for your car and your home. There’ll be lots of room for your car or cars, as well as for whatever else you want to store under there. And not only that, your carports will blend in with your home, instead of sticking out like a sore thumb, which is what’s going to happen if you choose a kit carport.

A professionally built carport also has the option of becoming something else later in life, unlike a kit carport which can very easily fall down or fall apart after a few years. When a carport is built properly, you can choose to have it transformed into a garage later on, or because a proper carport will be insulated to protect your car from build-ups of heat and condensation, it can be easily made into an outdoor entertaining area with the removal of the car and the addition of some tables, chairs, and lights. A kit carport turned into an entertaining area would be the equivalent of inviting your friends to sit under a tarp for a few hours.

If you really love your car, and you want to get the most from your hard-earned money, you’ll skip over kit carports and go for the real deal that’ll keep your car just the way you like it.