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Sydney’s Favourite Decks : What Style Would You Choose?

December 6, 2013

Every deck has its own personality. It’s as much an extension of you and your lifestyle as it is an extension on your home. Here at Wizard Home Improvements we’re rather fanatical about decks, that’s why we’ve spent a bit of time putting together some snapshots of our favourite decks, in Sydney and around the world, and some words of advice about how you can get the right style of deck for your home.


The first thing homeowners look at when they’re considering a deck is the shape it’ll be.

ot every deck is the traditional rectangle, there’s plenty of homes out there with decks that have triangular points or even alluring curves. And the concept of shape doesn’t just end at curves or straight lines, more people than ever before are choosing to take advantage of sloping backyards by constructing multi-level decking, which can create some truly astounding effects.

When they’ve got the shape down there’s still plenty left to think about.

What type of decking are they going to choose? The raised decking that gives panoramic views of the backyard? Decking hidden off in the corner of the garden to create a perfect little hideaway?

What about decking around the pool to make watching the kids swim that little bit more comfortable?

If you can dream it, there’s a type of decking for it.

Finally, one of the big deciders of decking is the material.

When it comes to choosing material it comes down to two key areas: strength and colour. Depending how much each category matters to you or what appeals, your deck could be constructed from composite (wood and plastics), hardwoods, softwoods or even PVC.

The options are limitless when it comes to decking, which means that there’s a deck out there for everyone, just waiting to be found.

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