Timber Decking: Benefitting Sydney Homes

Even though Sydney has had its run of gloomy weather lately, here at Wizard Home Improvements we’re optimistic about the sunny days coming up now that spring is here. Truth be told, we’re homebodies at heart, and we can’t imagine anything better than spending time entertaining our friends and family in our outdoor entertainment areas. Lounging by the pool on a timber deck is possibly one of the most blissful ways to while away summer days. It’s easy to transform your backyard from a plain old grassy knoll into a stylish and practical outdoor entertainment area with timber decking – learn about the benefits of timber decking and how to install it by reading our handy guide, right here, right now.


Timber decking: Making the most out of your outdoor spaces

Your backyard space will only ever be as good as the effort you put into it.  A standard Australian backyard is generally where the little ones will roam, where grass needs to be mown, where clothes are hung out to dry, but with timber decking, your backyard is instantly transformed into an attractive outdoor entertainment area. It becomes a place where you can relax with a book, or entertain guests and loved ones. Got an outdoor pool? Surround your oasis with a timber deck to make the area more aesthetically pleasing while also creating a safe area for kids to roam around the pool in between cannonballs, while the bigger kids watch over on a comfortable deck chair.


Timber decking: Taking the inside outside

If your home is on the smaller side, create the illusion of space with a timber deck. Even if your home is on the more spacious side, extending your living areas outdoors with a timber deck makes the most out of your recreational areas and increases the overall value of your home. With the trend of outdoor rooms rising, many households are enjoying kitchens and lounge areas under the sun.


Timber decking: Increasing the value of your property

Installing an outdoor deck in your backyard is a relatively inexpensive investment, with great rewards for both your family and the future of your property in the event that you decide to sell. Real estate agencies have said time and time again that adding a timber deck to improve your outdoor entertainment areas essentially increases the value of your property dollar-for-dollar.

In addition to creating a functional outdoor entertainment area and boosting potential sale value, installing a timber deck is also an inexpensive, semi-permanent way of grading, and is easily removed if you decide you no longer need it.


Timber decking: You’ve decided you want to improve your outdoor entertainment area, now what?

At Wizard Home Improvements, we take an underutilised area and turn it into a mini-retreat in the comfort of your own home, extending the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your home. Enjoy relaxing and entertaining in your backyard now, enjoy the profits garnered by having created an alluring and useful outdoor living area in the future.

We understand that every client and their family will have different wants and needs, which is why all of our timber decking is custom-designed to suit your space, the surrounding environment and your intended purposes for the deck. To ensure that our product suits your needs, we offer all of our customers a free measure and obligation-free quote, and can discuss budget, desired materials and structures to harmonise with your home.


Timber decking: What is it made out of?

At Wizard Home Improvements, we offer our clients the option between the elegant look of treated pine or the confidence and durability of Merbau hardwood – a sturdy and rich Indonesian timber. With over 20 years’ experience in the design and installation of timber decking, all our clients are ensured Wizard’s superior level of workmanship.

For those seeking an alternative route to traditional timber decking or pool decking, Wizard Home Improvements offers stylish decks design and constructed using sub-floor surfaces. These flat, synthetic materials can be constructed into the model decking you want while providing versatility when picking your finished look. Top any of our five-per-cent sheeting or Yellow Tongue boards with a variety of materials, from carpet to tiles or vinyl, to suit your personal style. Our alternative decking will also easily convert into a sunroom room or Queenslander room for the homeowner who always thinks ahead.


Timber decking: How do I prepare?

Deck Build Checklist

Purpose: What is your outdoor deck for?

  • Extending the living area of your home
  • Levelling a sloping block in your backyard
  • Making a safe play area for the kids
  • Creating an outdoor entertainment area
  • Accessing better views from your backyard
  • Adding value to your home.

Initial points to consider before installing a deck:

  • Local council regulations
  • Special regulations for bushfire-prone areas

Deck location: Where can you get the most out of your outdoor entertainment area?

  • Which direction is the sun coming from? Do you get the morning or afternoon light?
  • Will the deck be windy due to height and location?
  • Where are the best views, and how can you take advantage of them?
  • Will you be exposed to your neighbours and the street?
  • What access will you have to the house – especially the kitchen and living room?
  • What is the local climate like?

Outdoor deck priorities and requirements:

  • Are the materials eco-friendly?
  • Are the materials child-friendly?
  • Is fencing required?
  • Will the deck be non-slip to be safer in wet weather?

Once you’ve assessed all of the points above, you will be able to start the hunt for the perfect outdoor deck for your home. We’ve made the checklists above with style, safety and sustainability in mind – your outdoor deck is going to be around for a long time, so you want to ensure that it ticks all the boxes before you get one installed!

Contact us today to find out more information or to receive an obligation-free quote on our timber decking solutions.

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