Use Your Pergola In Sydney For Safe Summer Entertainment

Nothing creates a feeling of excitement and anticipation quite like an Australian summer. The days are long and warm, the year is winding down for many, and the festive season is upon us; inviting many opportunities for spending quality time with our loved ones. Creating a safe space to entertain during summer that is both convenient and beautiful, has never been easier than opting for a pergola!

Outdoor Entertaining

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Socially distanced gatherings and outdoor events have become a solace in the face of COVID-19, in an attempt to tackle the isolation and loneliness created by the global pandemic. There are multiple guidelines on how to keep the risk factors to a minimum, some of which work particularly well with pergolas. Options such as physical distancing and bringing your own food and drinks to a small social event are great step-downs from what has always been a focal point for entertaining in the home. From al fresco dining to lawn games, an outdoor gathering is an excellent way to connect this summer.

Sun Safety

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Basking in the Australian sun comes with a few necessary precautions. Sun safety needs to be addressed at any outdoor event, especially considering the dangers of unchecked sun exposure. When you extend your home using a pergola, you create a retreat from the heat, and depending on which option you select, you could even create an insulated space that will serve you no matter what the weather does.

Personalise Your Haven

There are so many possibilities! Not only do you have an extensive number of options for the actual structure of your pergola, but you can easily adapt your summer sanctuary by using a few decorative and practical tweaks. Choose simple alternatives that make clean up and hygiene easier such as personal eating trays, water repellent fabrics/covers – a quick update to existing seating for example, and you could even consider setting up a sanitisation station. Adding some individual touches such as soft lighting, floor pillows, or even an outdoor cinema will turn your backyard into your favourite place to be this summer.

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