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10 Tips to Revamp Sydney Patios

September 10, 2013

photo of gazebo with curtain and string lights

Even the smallest outdoor spaces can be turned into an enviable haven for fun and relaxation with a few stylish and practical additions. From sprawling plants, pops of colour and weather-ready seating, follow our 9 tips for a complete patio overhaul.


1.   Flush With Furnishings

The first step to optimising underutilised spaces is styling yourself a new seating and dining area. You want to create the perfect atmosphere for curling up with a good book or sharing a tipple with friends. These canvas-covered lounge chairs flawlessly combine modernity with comfort for a relaxed atmosphere perfect for sunny Sydney homes. Large wooden tables that promote a familial sense of sharing and entertainment are also great for the growing family or perpetual host.

2.   Stacks of Blooms

Some strategically placed plants and blooms add colour and interest to your patio whilst bolstering its privacy credentials, too. Ferns and palms are easy to maintain and ideal for Sydney’s temperature and environment. Combine your greens with statement florals for diversity and interest all year round.

3.   Tapestries and Fabrics

A room is never fully dressed without a flourish of fabrics or a good-looking rug; the same goes for your outdoor patio. The market has really upped the game on stylish patio and outdoor-room rugs mad from weather-durable fabrics.

4.   Made in the Shade

Adding an awning or pergola to your outdoor patio totally enhances its usability and attractiveness. Embrace the idea of the “outdoor room” and choose insulated options that prevent mildew from growing on your furnishings and keep the area cool during the summer and warm during the winter.

5.   Peace and Private

Be it a glorious drop of billowy curtains, a lush growing fern or some nice leafy foliage, boosting the privacy of your patio will see you using it more often. It’s about making your outdoor area feel as comfortable and usable as your own lounge room. Plus a bit of division between you and the neighbours is always ideal; you don’t want them becoming too jealous of your rollicking patio soirée.

6.   Lights, Camera, Action

Just like us, our patios always look their best when well lit. Innovative lighting can be as simple as cheap-and-cheerful fairy lights, stylish lanterns or ultra-modern neon signs. However, ensuring your outdoor living space is glowing from morning to eve does have its disadvantages; you may never want to leave!

7.   Turn Up the Heat

Keeping your patio warm during the cooler months prevents it from becoming a barren wasteland during winter and autumn. A simple patio heater or small bonfire pit become doubly effective when partnered with energy-efficient insulated awnings that keep the warm air circulating around the space.

8.   Beautiful BBQ

An Aussie tradition, you simply can’t be true blue if you don’t have some sort of furnace toiling away in your backyard on a Sunday arvo. The sophisticate may opt for a pizza oven, the budget conscience a dual fire-pit-and-grill; as long as meat is scolding somewhere on your patio you’re bound to become a red-hot-hit with the weekend revelers.

9.   Colour Me Pretty

On trend palettes or classic hues, no matter what way you go a splash of colour instantly brightens up boring patios. Outdoor areas tend to be single material heavy; like the wooden decking area featured here. Breaking up the scheme with a vibrant turquoise hue is a refreshing treat for the eye. A hint of bright and bold does wonder to warming up the space during the cooler months, too.

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