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5 Home and Garden Blogs You Can't Live Without

February 14, 2014

Helping you make the most of your deck and yard

Wanting to zest up your home and garden but don’t know where to begin? Read up on Wizard Home Improvement’s favourite leaders in the field. From gardening in small spaces to modern landscape designing, we’ve got your needs covered.

500m2 in Sydney

This eco-friendly blog follows the adventures of staying green for a family of five living in Ryde, Sydney. According to their “About Us,” they’re all about growing their own food and learning how to live more sustainably. Check out their “Harvest Monday” posts – they’re enough to inspire anyone into making the most out of their green thumbs.

Wizard picks: “Harvest Monday – 3 February 2014

66 Square Feet

A blog that originated in Brooklyn then moved to Harlem, “66 Square Feet” is all about making the most out of small spaces – we like the sound of that! Sydney’s urban living spaces can often be on the modest side, so it’s interesting to have an international perspective on getting past that and being green, regardless of size restrictions.

Dirt Simple

With backyard landscaping on her mind, Deborah Silver meticulously documents various plants she sees on her landscaping journeys throughout Detroit, Michigan. As it is an American blog, many of the plants featured may not be suitable for Australian climates, but it’s worth looking at purely to strike some inspiration.

Wizard picks:” At A Glance: Leaf Deprived

Design Hunter

An Australian blog focused on architecture, interior and landscape design, Design Hunter is perfect for those who are preparing to renovate and need some professional (and modern!) inspiration and help.

Wizard picks: “Tin shed architecture in Redfern and “Design Hunter top picks: amazing pools from around the globe

The Urban Organic Gardener

Like 66 Square Feet, Urban Organic Gardener is all about making small spaces – such as your balcony, terrace backyard or any small space you can think of – into a green haven that you can harvest and use all year-round!

Wizard picks: “Plants that Grow Well Together (And Plants that Don’t)

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