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5 Ways for Great Sydney Decking

September 9, 2013

Spring is here and all over Sydney family and friends are hitting the decks. Make the most of your outdoor areas with these five handy tips.


1. Create shade.

It doesn’t matter how stylish your outdoor deck is or how great of  a view you’ve got, if it’s not well shaded for respite from the harsh Australian sun you’re probably not going to be out there much. In order to get the most out of your outdoor living ensure you have the right shade solution for you and your family. If you’re out there a lot, you may want to opt for insulated awnings. These will keep you cool in the summer and warm during the winter, so you can maximise the amount of time you’re out there.

2. Head outdoors for your next fryup.

Make your way outdoors come dinner time this spring by treating yourself to an outdoor cooking area. Barbeques are the Aussie classic, but a great small grill like the Weber Q 14 Electrical Grill, packs a lot of heat without taking up a lot of space. The outdoor living aficionado might opt for something a little bit more European, like a superb stone pizza oven, choosing to spend their nights out under the stars eating home cooked pide.

3. Add to your space to ensure privacy.

Be it with plants, curtains, awnings of fencing, creating a sense of privacy in your outdoor spaces is crucial to using them more often. By upping your personal comfort level you’re well on the way to transforming your outdoor areas into a outdoor-living space as opposed to just a deck. Holed up in your little (or big) back yard nook, you’ll feel the rest of the world is miles away from your own private sanctuary.

4. Curate stylish and comfortable outdoor furniture.

Ensuring there’s comfortable seating, and plenty of it, is key to a fully-functional outdoor living area. You want outdoor furniture that can stand the test of time against Sydney’s erratic weather. Specially treated materials, designed to maintain their good looks whilst outdoors, are now better looking and easier to find than ever. These are worth investing in as they save you having to replace tired upholstery and tarnished tables with unfavourable regularity.

5. A moveable feast of a garden.

Your deck is the perfect place to start a herb garden. As most decks in Sydney are located just off the kitchen area, it’s ideal to have an array of potted bits and pieces to add to your cooking at such accessible reach. You’ll find this immediate link between the pan and you deck will have you pottering about outside pondering your next meal, your next batch of sprouts and the possibilities of planting your own garden. Beyond that we suggest you continue with the potted plant theme and incorporate ferns, palms and flowers to add textures, colours and aromas that entice the whole family to get outside and start enjoying their deck.

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