8 Ways to Winter Proof Your Timber Deck

photo of brown parquet

Just because Sydney’s heading into its cooler months doesn’t mean you have to deny yourself of your outdoor entertainment area.

Here are a few tips for decorating and looking after your timber deck for winter that we’re looking forward to implementing (and enjoying!) over the next few months.


  1. Clean Up: First things first – you’re going to want to get the wood back into tip-top shape before you do anything else – the winter weather can be harsh and you’ll want to protect the timber as best you can before it’s too late. Clear the space – put away furniture, toys and plants. If something is too heavy to remove (such as a barbecue), move it to one corner of the deck. Then you’ll need to wash – while a power wash may seem like the most efficient option, it has the consequence of possibly damaging the wood. Instead, get a deck cleaning solution and clean it manually.
  2. Inspect for damage: After cleaning, look at the timber up close – are there any signs of wood damage? Is the stain fading? Is the paint peeling or chipping? If the answer to any of the prior questions is yes, you will need to look at either replacing part of the deck, or repainting/staining while the deck is clean.
  3. Finish it off: Once you’ve repainted or stained the deck (or if you’ve assessed that the deck requires neither), you should consider applying a coat of water repellent as the final layer of protection. Repellent will extend the life of your deck over the long run, and if you’re using your deck on a regular basis, this will be an important step to consider.
  4. Get an outdoor fireplace: The main reason Sydneysiders don’t like being outside during winter is because, well, it’s very cold. Installing an outdoor fireplace will nip that problem in the bud, all while making the deck that much more aesthetically pleasing for you and your visitors.
  5. Winter blooms: A lot of people dislike winter for the lack of blooms available, but if you plant pansies or violas, you’ll have a solid dash of colour all winter long.
  6. Light it up: Though many feel they should be reserved for Christmas time, we feel that a string of white LED lights can brighten up any deck or patio and make it more cheery.
  7. Trim and tidy: Remove dead annuals from containers or flower beds around the deck. If you have any perennials, take this time to prune them down to their suggested height and clean up the dead leaves around them.
  8. Keep it evergreen: For those looking for a little less maintenance in the long run, plant some evergreens – climbers, in particular, are our favourites, especially for smaller spaces. Our favourites are the stephanotis, star jasmine and coral pea.


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