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Patio Renovations

Budget-Friendly Patio Renovations With The Right Professionals

Embarking on patio renovations can be an exciting project, when you have the right professional team to support you. Without this, you can end up with exorbitant bills and a poor-quality job. Of course, everyone wants their outdoor living space to look incredible and feel even more luxurious, but how do you create your own piece of paradise without breaking the bank? In our professional opinion, there is only one way to ensure you get a high-quality patio with a heavy price tag. Hire a seasoned and experienced contractor team. Here at Wizard Home Improvements, we understand that patio builds come in every shape and form and that every homeowner has a unique vision of what they would like to create. Fortunately, we have the skills and tools to make it happen, and all within a budget, so you can enjoy your extended living space completely stress-free. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when comparing quotations between providers. Cost-Effective Materials The first and most important step in renovating your outdoor patio in Sydney is sitting down with your design consultant to discuss your budget and which materials will work best. With their knowledge and expertise, you can select high-quality building materials that look great and last well into the future. Whether you choose treated pine or Merbau flooring, a gable roof design, or a simple flat roof awning, we will help you crete an outdoor patio that is completed to the highest standards. Fast Build Turnaround When you look at the numbers, labour costs can be just as high as your material costs. If the build takes longer than expected, labour costs could increase significantly and become the straw that breaks the camel's back, and in this case, your budget. So, when the objective is to work within a budget, you want a construction team that can work quickly and efficiently. So your labour costs remain within budget. Your patio renovations do not have to be expensive—at least not if you hire Wizard Home Improvements! So, spare your wallet and get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation.


Top Tips For Choosing The Right Contractor For Your Sunroom

If you have decided to invest in an extended living area for your Sydney home, the next step is selecting a reliable sunroom builder to bring your vision to life. Sunrooms are one of the most popular home renovations throughout Australia. They allow you to bask in the magnificent climate while adding excellent value to your property. Not only do they look great, but they serve a multitude of purposes and are functional enough to suit your lifestyle. Whether you want to use it as a quiet place to meditate or for evenings of entertainment, a sunroom can be whatever you want it to be, but with one exception: it has to be built right. The last thing you want is to experience issues with the structure after the installation process, so selecting the right sunroom builder is crucial to preventing complications. Follow these tips from the experts at Wizard Home Improvements so you can find a reputable contractor. Ask For A Build Portfolio Any professional contractor will have a portfolio of completed projects as a reference to their skills and experience. It also provides insight into their design capabilities and if their style complements the type of build you are looking for. Before deciding who will manage and execute your project, you should request a portfolio. Read Reviews Thoroughly Almost every business in today’s society will have a website, and if they don’t, they are probably not a wise choice to take on your home renovation project. Business websites are the perfect place to learn about others' experiences with the company and whether or not they were satisfied with the results of their investments. Reviews say a lot about the type of quality and service you can expect from the contractor. Validate Licensing It is critical to ensure that the contractor is licensed. If the business is not licensed, your renovation will likely not be built to code and won’t meet Australian standards and regulations. A home renovation that is built without licensing poses significant risks and could be unsafe to use. Compare Quotations If you want to find the best sunroom builder for your project, considering your budget is just as important as all the rest. Requesting quotes from several contractors is always recommended to ensure your build does not become a financial burden. Once you have followed these tips, you will have enough information to make an informed decision on which contracting company is best for your renovation project. If you have any questions, the team at Wizard Home Improvements is here for you. Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment with our experienced team of sunroom builders today.

Home With A Pergola

Updating Your Home With A Pergola

If you want the best pergola builders in Sydney to take care of your outdoor living space dreams, you won’t find any better than Wizard Home Improvements. We understand the value of adding one to your property and can ensure that yours will meet all your needs. Your garden space is an opportunity for beauty, and a pergola makes that easily achievable. Built with your specifications in mind, your builders will quickly and expertly bring to life what you have envisioned for your outdoor space. Whether you want to create a peaceful place to put a swing so you can relax in the cool air surrounded by nature and fresh air or you want a more modernised outdoor entertainment area to dine and enjoy the company of friends and family, a pergola can suit every one of your needs. With so much versatility in how your outdoor living space can be constructed, you have full range in design and customisation, so you can fulfil what you want for your home and know it is built with the best materials by experienced home improvement contractors. Complete Comfort When we were younger, the backyard was a place of great adventure where we would climb trees, play sports, search for insects, and have water gun wars. It was a place to get dirty and release your energy, but for many of us, this has all changed. Now, our backyards are for relaxing, whether beside the pool or in the shade of a pergola; we want comfort in full measure. Fortunately, a Wizard Home Improvement pergola goes the extra mile in ensuring you have all the comfort of the indoors while still being able to bask in the morning sunshine and enjoy the beauty of your garden. Customisable Build For the most part, pergolas were wooden structures people put in their gardens and covered with vines, flowers, and foliage to provide a beautiful shaded area to enjoy the outdoors and add aesthetic appeal. However, pergola construction has come a long way since then, with several materials and designs to choose from to suit your unique home style. In addition, there’s the opportunity to extend and customise your pergola when your wants and needs change. Long-Lasting Durability Pergolas are constructed using highly durable materials that can withstand the Australian climate, specifically colorbond and aluminum, which are ideal for both inland and coastal homes. In addition, when you choose to insulate your pergola, you can further enhance the comfortability and efficiency of your build by assisting in temperature control and regulation. From flat roofs to gable awnings, or a combination of the two, a pergola is something every home can benefit from. We are the leading pergola builders in Sydney. Visit Wizard Home Improvements today to speak to our team of experts and request a quote today.

Invest In Electric Outdoor Blinds

Top Three Reasons To Invest In Electric Outdoor Blinds

Electric outdoor blinds in your Sydney home can make for more comfortable living. When it’s time to retreat to your outdoor living space, it needs to be with great relaxation, and we can take the stress out of your blinds with ease. After long days in the office or weeks that run from one into the next without so much as a few hours to toss some steaks on the grill, you want it to be as good as possible when you do get your well-deserved rest, and outdoor blinds make that possible style, comfort, and versatility are in full measure with Wizard Home Improvements, so get in touch with us today to learn more about our outdoor blind installations. Secure Protection Protection is two-fold when you install outdoor blinds on your property, especially in an outdoor living space such as a deck or patio. Why? Because outdoor blinds shield your furniture as well as your family while enjoying a relaxing day in the sun and watching the kids play happily in the pool. In addition, outdoor blinds help to protect your home from harsh weather conditions and provide ample shade, keeping your home cooler on hot summer days and reducing your energy consumption. Modern Style Whether you need outdoor blinds on the windows around your home or want to create more privacy around your outdoor living space, Wizard Home Improvements makes sure you do it in style. With various colours, transparencies, materials, and designs to choose from, you can create a stylish home that you can enjoy for years to come. One thing is for sure: there is an outdoor blind to suit every lifestyle and budget. Highly Versatile Whether you choose electric outdoor blinds or manual blinds, they are an excellent addition to your home year-round. Ideal for any style of home, you can create a comfortable living space that improves how you enjoy your time at home while also increasing the value of your property. So, whether you want to build an outdoor kitchen to show off your impressive flavour creations or you want privacy around your patio to enjoy some downtime in the hot tub, the versatility of outdoor blinds is all you need. It’s never too late to invest in electric outdoor blinds in your Sydney home, especially when you choose Wizard Home Improvements to help you. Get in touch with us today to request a quote and visit our website to learn more about our other fantastic services.

Decks Built

Sydney Decks Built The Right Way

Choosing to add aesthetically practical features to your home can be a significant undertaking. Professional deck builders in Sydney can support you with exceptional workmanship and design, ensuring you have an impeccable outdoor space to enjoy with friends and family all year. Advantages Of A Home Deck The Australian climate is one of the most accommodating for outdoor activities and relaxing, supplying ample sunshine and beautiful views for locals to enjoy from the comfort of their own homes. However, many homeowners want more control over their outdoor experiences, which is why building a deck is a popular choice. The addition of a deck to your home provides an extended living space that you can customise to your liking with perfect additions such as outdoor blinds to make your outdoor living experience that much more comfortable and enjoyable. So, even when the weather doesn’t necessarily permit spending time outdoors, you can still entertain without any inconvenience or weather interruption. Build It Right When it comes to any home improvement project, you want to be absolutely certain that you are making a worthwhile investment that actually increases your property value and doesn’t come with hefty maintenance requirements. However, the only way you can ensure this is the case for your deck build is by choosing a reputable contractor with years of experience and the high-quality materials that back it up. Professional Expertise As with any investment, you want it to last, which means it must stand the test of time while also providing value—in this case, a professionally built deck. The last thing you want or need is a quick overnight job that soon deteriorates and falls apart. The whole intent for building the deck is so you have a space to relax and unwind, not to constantly have a hammer in hand and a utility belt strapped around your waist. If you want a deck that is constructed with only the highest quality materials and absolute precision, then Wizard Home Improvements is the team for you. Visit our website to request a quote from the leading deck builders in Sydney today.

Colorbond Pergolas

Using Colorbond Pergolas In Your Sydney Home

When expanding your outdoor space, you should pick materials that will withstand the harsh Australian climate, offer excellent sun protection, and be simple to maintain while still looking wonderful. Colorbond steel comes to the rescue, making Colorbond Pergolas in Sydney the ultimate choice for your roofing. With more than 20 colours to choose from, you can easily complement your exterior facade. Colorbond's stylish designs and cohesive workmanship ensure it can easily fit your residence. Here are some of the advantages of installing these features in your home: A variety of powder-coated colours that complement the design of your veranda or exterior façade. Thermatech technology reduces solar reflection. Used for more than 45 years in Australian households Incredibly robust and requiring extremely little upkeep. Strong and lightweight to accommodate various pitch levels. Thermally effective ways to lower the temperature in your home Wicks water away from your roof, preventing puddles. To reduce their environmental impact, all materials are 100% recyclable. Made With Colorbond Steel The oven-baked coating of Colorbond steel, which was designed to withstand the severe Australian weather, won't peel, chip, or crack, keeping your pergola looking brand new for many years to come. Any size and design of pergola are possible because Colorbond is flexible, strong, and great for covering vast areas. Due to its exceptional corrosion resistance, Colorbond is also the material of choice for many coastal additions. Wizard Home Improvements in Sydney offers Colorbond pergola in a variety of colours, so you can be sure to discover the ideal tone to complement your home's style. Quality At a Fair Price We design our construction projects with your preferences and budget in mind. We happily provide reasonable choices based on your needs since we want the best for your house. Pergola Expertise Wizard Home Improvements' team has the aptitude, enthusiasm, knowledge, and expertise to design the ideal Colorbond pergola for your residence and way of life. As bespoke pergola builders, we build each structure with the goals and inspiration of the particular customer in mind, enabling our clients to make full use of nature in their own special way. Learn how these outdoor blinds can help you save money on energy and transform your outdoor pergola into a personal haven. Get in touch with us right away to get started on your Colorbond pergola in Sydney project with a free estimate or to speak with a member of our helpful team.

Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor Blinds And Why You Need Them

Outdoor blinds are not only functional additions, but they also add a unique design element that enhances your home. These adaptable "all weather" coverings are valuable in any setting, which may prompt you to look for the best outdoor blinds in Sydney. These specific blinds create a simple conservatory around a deck or patio, and that makes them extremely versatile. Optimal Usage Of Space Installing outdoor blinds can help you use your space more efficiently. The usable space around your home is maximised with outdoor blinds and coverings. The extra space can be used to host events or unwind outside with ease. Increased Privacy   To increase the seclusion of your outdoor area, outdoor blinds come in various materials and colour choices. As a result, you can feel more protected in your own space without worrying about nosy neighbours or prying eyes. Outdoor Protection Your pergola can protect you from the elements, including insects, dust, the sun's sweltering heat, wind, and rain. As a result, you can use your outdoor space without worrying about these external factors. Outdoor blinds can also protect your goods, extending their lifespan. Highly Customisable Regardless of the size, style, pattern, texture, or shade, you may require, custom outdoor blinds are available to fit your demands and budget. Outdoor blinds may seamlessly blend into any environment and make a room more functional where you can spend time with your loved ones or friends. Sunscreen fabric and clear or tinted PVC are both options. Eye-Catching Appeal Outdoor blinds can be found in various materials, designs, and shade options to match your home's decor. You may enjoy the weather without leaving your own protected space by bringing exteriors indoors and assisting with bringing interiors outside. Professional cafe blinds and restaurant blinds produce the ideal level of light control while giving your place an elegant and laid-back feel. Modularity and Style A minor drawback of purchasing outdoor blinds is that there are so many options available that you can spend longer than anticipated searching. They come in many hues, designs, fashions, and materials. This indicates that you are aware of the ideal choice for you. With the right product, you may use the extra area to host parties for friends, amuse the kids, or enjoy outside dining. Measure carefully before you start looking for the best outdoor blinds. Decide how much space the blinds will cover and how wide they should be to accommodate patio or deck elements. Try to choose a product that complements the current design of your house. They will blend perfectly with the façade, creating a beautiful outdoor area. At Wizard Home Improvements, we can assist you in finding the best fit for your outdoor space.  


All You Need To Know About Our Pergolas

Pergolas are aesthetically pleasing, low-effort additions to any home. It has a high pay-off, without excessive maintenance and can be easily integrated into any design. Building a pergola on your property increases your usable living space value. It is suitable for verandahs and balconies or attached to your home in a way that creates more outdoor space. Get tailored pergola prices in Sydney to your specific needs with Wizard Home Improvements. Due to a pergola add-on, your home can become more valuable, enjoyable and versatile. Read on to learn more about these structures. Highlights Your Design Style A pergola is typically not much more than a straightforward wooden structure covered with vines and greenery providing summertime shade and direct wintertime sunshine. However, the modern pergola uses cutting-edge design to build your ideal leisure environment, whether it's an open outdoor living room, outdoor dining, or a pergola that can later be transformed into a private sunroom or addition. Colorbond Steel Made Pergolas  The oven-baked coating of Colorbond steel, designed to withstand the severe Australian weather, won't peel, chip, or crack, keeping your pergola looking brand-new for many years. It is possible to build any size and style of pergola you want because Colorbond is lightweight, strong, and great for covering huge areas. Due to its exceptional corrosion resistance, Colorbond is the material of choice for many coastal additions. Wizard Home Improvements offers a Colorbond pergola in Sydney in various colours, so you can choose one that matches the style of your house. Aluminium Gazebos Aluminium pergola frames are sturdy, dependable, and flexible, making them a popular addition to homes of various architectural styles. Aluminium is perfect for opening up small spaces and larger pergolas because it is made to endure salty coastal windows and improve ventilation with its sturdy, flat shape. Additionally, we may match the colour of your aluminium pergola to that of your current house, creating a seamless addition that increases your living area. Protective Pergolas Are you looking for outdoor space you can use all year long, no matter the weather? That is an insulated pergola. An insulated roof or awning shields your new entertaining space from the intense summer sun or unpredictably bad weather. As a result, you can manage the temperature in your new home, and living area, which will help you save money on heating and cooling costs all year. In addition, there is likely a pergola style that complements your home among the more than 84 colour choices we provide in our wide selection. Contact us with your budget, and we can work towards affordable pergola prices in Sydney without compromising our quality or workmanship.  

Deck Construction

Why Your Home Can Benefit From Deck Construction

Deck construction in Sydney is no small task, but it can add untold value and ambience to your home, no matter where you live. This extension of the outdoor space can be treated in many ways, from being a chill space to an entertainment area or even just a viewing space to enjoy from a jacuzzi. When you bring professionals to fit your home or building, you can get high-quality craft and a beautiful result at the end of the day. Read on to learn more about these services and how you can benefit. Ideal Entertainment Area   These outstretched parts of the home are fantastic gathering places and create a favourite space to relax with guests on the weekend. Whether having a cookout or sampling some fine wine, there is nothing like enjoying a sunset in the summer with good fines and a great view. Whether in dark wood or painted slats, you can create a truly wonderful palace to enjoy your home to the fullest every day. Bring Value Whether you're planning to sell your home or not, creating an outdoor space like this can significantly impact the price you could receive. Buyers seek out these elements when looking for something new as they add character and reduce the potential work to be done on the property by the new owners. Outdoor Decor Items like potted plants and garden sculptures look beautiful when you place them on a deck. The same can be said for woven chairs or carefully selected furniture elements. As this space is outdoor or semi-covered, it gives you a brilliant opportunity to create a more natural setting within your home to enjoy and feel at ease when outside. You can bring interesting outdoor elements like these plants to enhance the area and make it your own. Customisation Options An outdoor space like this can be much more than just a relaxing area with a few steps or levels. For example, you could create a certain shape or slope, even a ridged design with steps leading to the centre. When you work with professionals to design your ideal setting, you can enjoy more value in your home and more space to be yourself. With your unique take on the space, you can emphasise your garden views or bring your home space outward, even create a semi-open plan lounge that can be opened up to this space. There are many ways to create the space you want. A capable, professional team like ours specialise in superior deck construction in Sydney. We can help you and guide you toward the best options for your home. Contact us today to find out more.