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Decking Overhaul: Colourful Tips for Outdoor Living Areas

September 24, 2013

Spring is all about vibrant colours, so why not brighten your Sydney home’s outdoor living areas for the season? Here are some tips to get your timber decking or patio ready for spring:


1.      Update Your Decking Furniture: Since you’ll be spending most of spring and summer out on your decking or patio, it’s important that you’ve got some quality furniture. Throw away any chairs or tables that are broken, and refresh the rest of your outdoor furniture with a bright coat of paint, or some new fabric covers.

2.      Never Underestimate the Power of Cushions and Blankets for Your Patio: Colourful and comfy cushions can cost you as little as five dollars a piece. Choose a range of bright colours and sizes, and spread your cushions about your patio chairs. Larger cushions can even be used as floor cushions to create a relaxed atmosphere. Blankets can add some much needed colour as well, and can be a perfect accent to a romantic night when the temperature starts to drop.

 Outdoor Living

Tartan is a great way to get colour and class all at once from your blankets

3.      Plants for Your Deck: Spring sees many beautiful and bright flowers come into bloom, so it’d be silly not to take advantage of this when refreshing your deck. Top spring flowers include wattles, jonquils, and Spanish bluebells. Choose a range of flowering plants for both pots and around the base of your decking or patio.

Decking and patio decorations

Jonquil flowers

4.      Easy Decor for Your Decking or Patio: You don’t have to spend a fortune on decor for your patio. With a little imagination and creativity you can create some gorgeous little pieces. Got an old metal watering can you no longer use? Grab some paint and brighten it up with a primary colour, or even with a little design or two. Wanted to try your hand at mosaics? Buy some tiles and a terracotta square and start making a unique wall-hanging. The great thing about these sorts of decorations is they’re also an excellent way to keep the kids busy on weekends and holidays.

 Decking and patio decor

A mosaic from the PACT Millenium Garden (taken by Keith Edkins)

 5.      Lighting for Your Patio: Sometimes the days can be too hot to go outside, but the nights are just right. Make use of the dark, and string coloured fairy-lights around your decking or patio – it’s amazing how something so simple can be so effective.

Decking and patio lighting