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Pergolas In Sydney: What Do I Need To Know?

August 25, 2020

Pergolas: your very own year-round protection. These structures come with several perks, but the main idea for them is so you can relax, dine and enjoy your backyard every day. Here are a few questions and answers that cover all you need to know about pergolas and how they can change your outdoor look and feel.

Where Can A Pergola Fit Into Your Home?

No matter the style and size of your dwelling, the right, and cheap pergola can sometimes bring much-needed space to your home and improve your lifestyle.

Included in our services is a free style consultation so that you can start planning your pergola in Sydney. After that, our experienced designing and building team will assist you in picking materials that are best suited. Additionally, they will help acquire and decide on other structural elements and structural roofing components.

You can rest assured that there is much that we do to ensure that your pergola builders fits perfectly into your home.

What Is The Best Part Of This Extension?

Aside from the obvious perks such as the improved lifestyle living that you’ll experience, you will also benefit from its versatile design. An outdoor pergola can easily be converted into an extension or sunroom, giving you endless options.  

Did You Know That You Can Enjoy The Sunshine Of Outside And The Comfort Of Inside?

No matter what you decide to use your pergola for (whether you use it as a dining room, entertaining area, relaxing time-out zone or a kids’ playroom) a pergola is a simple, yet useful extension to your home.

The addition of a pergola to your home has the effect of extending your usable living space. That is, without giving up the light flow into your home’s areas. This is true, no matter where you decide to build this extension- place it on the front or back balcony, veranda or even if it is placed directly off your living room.

Do You Need To Worry About Permission From The Council?

Your pergola may indeed need to pass a development application depending on its position and size. Still, your home improvement consultant will handle this for you.

How Long Is The Building Process Of A Pergola?

After you have been approved for your pergola and completed the materials and style choosing phases, the building process can commence in a day. All our projects have a dedicated build and design manager, which means that your pergola will be started and finished in the briefest amount of time possible. A pergola extension may end up taking just three days.

If you’re ready to find out more about your custom pergola in Sydney, contact us today, and we’ll discuss your outdoor needs.

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