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Outdoor Spaces: Vertical Gardening

Climbing up the walls: Making the most out of small outdoor spaces As Sydney grows, it seems outdoor spaces shrink to accommodate newcomers, encouraging homeowners to become much more creative with their landscaping ventures. In the past growing plants in containers, topiary and growing climbers have been commonplace, but the

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Top 5 Winter Plants to Grow in Sydney

Bring outdoor areas to life… Summer is well and truly over in Sydney – the temperature has dropped and as a result, it’s much harder to get out of the bed in the morning. However, on days when you’re in no rush to go anywhere, it’s quite pleasant to sit

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Timber Decking Merbau or Treated Pine
Patio & Alfresco

Timber Decking: Merbau or Treated Pine

Sydney homes simply can’t resist a timber deck. But, like most things in life, not all timbers are created equal. Each wood is imbued with its own set of nuances and idiosyncrasies and thus different kinds of timber decks are going to need to undergo different treatments before being installed

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