Top 5 Winter Plants to Grow in Sydney

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Summer is well and truly over in Sydney – the temperature has dropped and as a result, it’s much harder to get out of the bed in the morning. However, on days when you’re in no rush to go anywhere, it’s quite pleasant to sit on your outdoor deck with a cuppa and enjoy the lush surrounds of your backyard.

However, we get that not everyone is at the “lush surrounds” stage of backyard development, and are probably, at present, more used to staring down a less-than-inspiring patchy lawn. If you’re looking for a backyard update, here are a few plants we’ve enjoyed seeing around Sydney lately. They’re all subtropical varieties, they’ll be fine in most weather conditions, they’re easy to grow and easy to maintain.

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Pentas lanceolata: Commonly known as the Egyptian Starcluster, pentas tend to be drought-hardy, but don’t live for much longer than 3-4 years. Regular beheadings will keep the plant compact and flowering on a regular basis.

Davidsonia pruriens: You may be able to tell from looking at it for a bit that the Davidson’s Plum is not a New South Wales native – in fact, it hails from our neighbours up north in Queensland but enjoys inner Sydney life as much as northern rainforrests. The leafy tree does not fruit or flower as much as other plants, but it’s worth noting that the “plums” are certainly edible.

Breynia disticha: Otherwise known as confetti bush, this tricolourious leafy plant will add flair to otherwise dull outdoor living situations. As it’s originally from the Pacific Islands, it tends ot enjoy a more humid climate but is still hardy enough to last through even the coldest Sydney morning.

Iresine herbstii: this bloodleaf plant, almost glowing a fuchsia-tinged red, is a surefire standout in any garden. It’s incredibly easy to grow from cuttings, with roots propagating from just a glass of water.

Alcantarea species: Alcantarea are a modest-looking species, but give them a few years to grow big and strong and they’ll steal the show. However, once it flowers, bear in mind that the end is near. The plant will die, but it will leave many alcantarea babies in its wake. More to love, right?

What winter plants do you love? Make sure you write your recommendations in the comments below.

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