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How to Take Care of Your Timber Decking

September 5, 2013

One of the best ways to enjoy all Sydney has to offer is to watch the world from the comfort and privacy of your own timber deck. Timber decking can give you so much satisfaction, but if you want to use it for years to come, you better know how to show it a little love.


1.   Give Your Decking Some Time

If you’ve just varnished your deck, let all the oils soak in. You don’t want to mess up

the job, or your deck, by being too eager to get all your furniture back in place. 48

hours should do the trick.

2.   Scratch-Free Timber

Timber is such a beautiful material, and the last thing you want to do is ruin your

decking by being careless. The most common way timber decking gets scratched is

because of furniture. Now, you can either opt for a furniture-free deck, or simply place

some protective pads on the legs of any chairs or tables that’ll be on your deck.

If the distressed look isn’t your thing, a few rubber feet will do the job

3.   Clean Decking is Happy Decking

You wouldn’t leave your house dirty, so why should you leave your decking dirty? And we’re not just talking about giving it a sweep to clear off any stray leaves, we’re talking a proper clean. Get the mop out, get down on your hands and knees with a scrubbing brush, do whatever you have to do to know that your deck is free of dirt, plants, and whatever else.

Hopefully, you’ll find your deck under all that dust

4.   Resealing Your Deck

To keep your deck looking brand new and in tip-top condition, reseal your deck with

varnish, paint, oil, stain, or whatever is best suited for your timber.

5.   Keep It Simple

Don’t be tempted to be lazy when it comes to looking after your deck. Sure the

vacuum would be quicker and easier for you to clean your deck, but remember

number two on this list, we’re not just talking about furniture leaving scratches, a

vacuum cleaner pressed down a little too aggressively could put some nasty

scratches down. And while you’re keeping it simple, don’t forget to take your time –

treat your deck like it’s just another room in your house, because, really, it is. There’s

just a few walls missing!

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