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Timber Decking Overhaul - Budget Savvy Tips to Revamp Your Deck

September 17, 2013

Timber decking can be an expensive outdoor space, but it’s well worth the price tag. But how can you get the best from your Sydney decking, without spending every cent you make on it?


Nothing can look brand new forever, but there are always ways to reduce the effects of aging, whether its on skin or timber. Here are a few tips that will keep your deck looking fresh and fantastic:

1.      Cleaning Your Deck: No one likes cleaning, but keeping your deck clean is a great way to keep it from aging. Give it a regular sweep every week or so, and a deeper clean every few months with a scrubbing brush. Try and keep your deck free from leaves and standing water as they will be what ages it, as well as build-ups of dust.

2.      Rearranging Your Deck Furniture: By simply moving your furniture about regularly you can actually extend the life of your timber and keep it all looking the same. It’s all about getting it all exposed to the sun and rain equally, otherwise you’ll end up with some parts darker than others.

3.      Protecting the Timber: There are lots of cheap and easy ways to look after your deck, and a lot of them rely on prevention. Protecting your timber is essential to keeping your deck looking fabulous. The obvious thing to do is to give it a good coat of stain every few years to keep the colour looking intense, but other simpler methods also include just spending a few dollars on footpads for your tables and chairs so if they do move they won’t scratch up the timber.

4.      A Deck Makeover: If you really aren’t finding your deck all that appealing, or it’s looking a little behind the times, there are a plenty of ways you can makeover your deck without spending more than a hundred dollars. For a start, you can enliven your furniture with a few cushions and blankets. You can even give your chairs a quick and cheap facelift by simply updating their fabric with a well-draped blanket or piece of fabric, if getting them recovered isn’t an option. If they’re simple wooden chairs, some fresh paint will make them see brand new! Scout garage sales and hard rubbish collections for furniture that can be cleaned up and become part of your deck setting. You can even change the feel of your deck by your choice of plants. Vibrant, big flowers will give it a tropical, happy feel, while trailing vines with small, but sweet-smelling flowers will make it a romantic getaway.

You’re not limited in how you keep your deck looking good, as well as updating its look, by how much money you’ve got. There’s plenty you can do on a very small budget.