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What Are Pergolas?

April 20, 2021

If you’ve visited a mate or family member in Sydney who has an arched structure covered with climbing or trailing plants, then you’ve seen a pergola. These are outdoor garden or even park features that form part of shaded walkways or sitting space. Pergolas are often designed with an array of embellishments depending on a clients’ needs; seclusion or a shaded area, the world is your oyster.

Pergolas are generally designed with posts, beams and rafters and can also form an extension to a house.

Pergola Design Plans

Pergolas came in a wide range of designs and have increased in popularity in Sydney due to modern and custom designs. These are also excellent for different forms and functions.

Open-top Pergolas

This type of pergola has an open roof design that is great for air circulation and the all-needed natural light from the sun. When getting Open-top pergolas in your Sydney garden, make sure they are placed strategically so they can become a focal point in your backyard. With that said, you can embellish yours with v vines for a more appealing look.

Vinyl Pergolas

Many homeowners in Sydney opt for these pergolas due to the custom designs that can meet your individual needs. They are also cheaper, durable and have a universal design.

Steel Pergolas

Steel pergolas are great for most of Australia, including parts of Sydney that experience harsh weather conditions. These pergola design plans have a steel frame that holds the pergola firm and sturdy, which helps during compromising weather conditions.

Gable Pergolas

Also growing in popularity in Sydney are gable pergolas because they can shield you from the sun’s burning heat and when you want to cover different weather conditions. Their roofs are sufficient for water roof runoff.

Sail Pergolas

Sail pergolas come with a unique design that comes with a stretched fabric made in a traditional lattice roof. They also have a contemporary look and provide extra shade.

Reasons To Get Pergolas

  • Privacy And Shade

Although they don’t come with proper roofing and without any walls, pergolas offer privacy and shading in backyard spaces. One way to do so is by adding sheer curtains and vines.

  • Outdoor extension

Pergolas are also great as an outdoor extension from living areas. To add to the aesthetic appeal of your Sydney home, make sure that your pergola complement both the interior and exterior of your home.

  • Upgrade To Your Garden

If you want to upgrade your backyard garden, then pergolas are the best way to do so. They add a lovely, spacious and charming design and look.

Another reason that people in Sydney get pergolas is to increase the value of their home. Adding a beautiful outdoor feature like pergolas can boost the property value of your home.

If you’re looking for pergolas in Sydney, visit us at Wizard Home Improvements. We will help you give your property the facelift it deserves. Call us today.

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